What to Look for in Illinois’s Top Addiction Rehab Centers


Your choice to confront your addiction is an admirable one. It’s not easy to admit you have a problem and open yourself up to change. It’s a vulnerable experience but a worthy one if you hope to gain control over your life again. 

Addiction is on the rise and millions of people suffer from it every year. Treatment centers are everywhere trying to answer this growing need for rehab centers. This can pose a great problem for people like you who have made the hard decision to become sober and seek treatment. 

There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of excellent treatment centers that can assist you in your quest for better health. But just like there are a lot of great treatment centers out there looking to help you, there are just as many who aren’t so good. 

You might’ve even run into problems with one of these money-grabbing facilities before if you’ve had a negative experience in rehab. There are a lot of places that claim they do all the right things but don’t and even more use unethical practices to “treat” their patients. If you want to avoid going to a center that is only after the money, take a look at all the things you should keep an eye on when looking for Illinois’s top addiction rehab centers. 

Check to see who is on the team

The treatment center you’re choosing should have doctors and mental health professionals who have licenses and credentials. Places like Lincoln Recovery Addiction Rehab who have a team of professionals that tend to be considered reputable. Staff who have licensing and credentials have the training needed to provide you with the service you need. You can also check out Sandstone Inpatient Treatment Center, which has a multidisciplinary team to address addiction and the accompanying mental health concerns.

If you notice staff members don’t have special licensing or accreditation, there is no way they’re going to have the medical expertise to help you detox from drugs and alcohol or handle any complications that may arise. You could be putting yourself in danger by choosing treatment centers that have incompetent staffing and most likely, you’ll be contributing to the influx of money-hungry facilities. 

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Check to see if the facility has licensing, certifications, and accreditation too

Now that you checked the staff out, you have to check the treatment center next. Making sure your treatment center is accredited by a third party, nonprofit organizations will ensure that they’ve been vetted extensible. LegitScript and CARF are just some of the organizations that ensure that facilities are operating under strict standards of excellence. 

If you notice that the treatment center doesn’t have any accreditation whatsoever, then it’s in best practice to start looking at other treatment centers. If their accreditation isn’t obvious on their websites, like at the bottom of their page or the top, then don’t be afraid to ask. You want to make sure you’re receiving the best help you can. 

You should also ensure that there’s a good mix of staffing. Do they have doctors, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, spiritual leaders or counselors, and psychiatrists? If it’s a great treatment center the answer is yes because addiction treatment requires multidisciplinary treatment since it’s a multidimensional disease. That being said, if staff members are all of these things and wear several hats, be wary. It’s hard to believe that a spiritual counselor is also a nutritionist, psychologist, and medical doctor. Rule of thumb, if it’s hard to believe it’s probably not true. 

For more information on CARF, click here

Check the reviews

Reviews help us as consumers ensure that we’re spending our money on something that the majority of customers like. While you might be used to looking at restaurant reviews or product reviews while shopping, you might not realize that recovery centers have reviews as well. 

You can check out reviews online or on their website in some cases. While not all rehab centers will have reviews, many people wish to remain anonymous and are too ashamed to write something, many do post a kind word or two on their Facebook page or their website. It also depends on the age of the facility. If it’s newer, they may not have established enough of a reputation yet. 

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Do they offer the services you need?


Not every treatment center offers the same thing. This doesn’t make them a bad treatment center but it could make them a poor choice for you. If you require medical detox or other medication, make sure the treatment center offers that as a part of their services. It won’t help you if you can’t receive the full care you need. You only want to have to do this once so you want to make sure you’re doing it the right way. 


The good news is that most insurance companies cover some of the cost of substance abuse treatment. The only difficulty here is that treatment centers won’t take every kind of insurance. When you call to inquire about their services and accreditation, ask about their insurance policies to determine if they take your insurance. You can also call your insurance provider for a list of addiction centers that fall under your plan. That way you only look at the facilities that go with your insurance. 

Look for lies

If you’re on their website and they tell you that they cure people from substance abuse disorders or have a 100% success rate for their treatments. They’re lying. Substance abuse disorders can be treated and managed proficiently but it doesn’t go away. 

Also, not everyone who undergoes treatment will be successful in overcoming their addiction. There are a lot of factors that go into addiction treatment and if that person isn’t receptive to treatment then they won’t be successful in treatment. Don’t trust anyone who claims they’ve never had someone relapse afterward or leave mid-treatment.

There are a ton of other things to look for when choosing a treatment center that I haven’t covered here but, these are some of the major ones to look for. Take your time checking out each rehab facility before making your final decision. Good luck!