How to get a tourist visa for Vietnam?

tourist visa for Vietnam

Vietnam is a tourist destination, which many people want to visit. People can get a tourist visa of one month or three months. People need to apply for tourist visa for the Vietnam Visa in advance so that they can get an approval letter, which they have to carry to the destination. In this article, we will see the process of applying for the tourist visa.

Checking the website

People need to check the Vietnam embassy website in their countries. There are some countries that are exempted from having a Vietnam Visa to visit country. Citizens belonging to such countries can get immigration stamp without paying any charges. Citizens of most of the countries need a tourist visa for visiting the country.

There are many things, which an applicant has to keep in mind while applying for the visa. Tourist visa can be applied through a Vietnamese embassy or through online. If an applicant wants to apply for the visa online, he has to go for Vietnam visa on arrival. This visa is accepted by the country in the condition that the applicant arrives the country by air. If an applicant has to travel by bus from his country to Vietnam, he has to get the visa through embassy.

How to apply for tourist visa?

If an applicant chooses the online platform for applying the Vietnam Visa, he has to choose an online agency that has the task of providing details of all the paperwork. The agency will also provide the details along with the form, which are needed for processing the visa. Here are the steps, which people need to follow.

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Fill the form

People need to visit the website of the agency they have chosen and fill the form. They also have to pay the application fee online. Many details have to be filled by the applicant and these include travel date, duration of stay, single or multiple entries, etc. This form is sent to the Vietnam Immigration Department. If the application is accepted, the applicant will receive an approval letter, which confirms that he can travel to the destination.

Get Vietnam visa on arrival

The agency will also send a form, which the applicant has to download and fill by hand. The applicant should also have a copy of immigration letter. The applicant has to carry all these documents while travelling to Vietnam. Applicants must keep all the documents in the handbag as some airlines check them before permitting the applicant to board the plane.

Getting Vietnam tourist visa

After arrival to an international airport in Vietnam, the applicant has to find a landing visa signal and go to the counter. He will have to give the form, immigration letter, and two passport size photos. The applicant is asked to wait until the officer calls him. It takes around one hour or less depending on the number of foreigners who come with Vietnam visa on arrival.

The officer gives him the passport and the visa and the applicant has to pay the visa fee. After that, the applicant has to go to the passport control to receive welcoming stamp.

Cost of tourist visa

In order to get a tourist visa, two types of fees have to be paid by the applicant. The agency through which the applicant has contacted to fill the online form takes the first fee. This payment has to be made online. The fee taken by these companies varies and the applicant has to choose the one that takes reasonable fee. The second fee has to be paid to the officer who gives the Vietnam Visa and the passport at the Vietnam airport.

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Wrapping Up

These are the rules that an applicant has to follow in order to get a tourist visa. He must be aware of the fact that none of the steps should be missed.