10 Gadgets safe for International Travel

gadget safe international travel

Travel can make us see life from an entirely different perspective, and that effect is what makes people travel more and more. As we using traveling apps, we learn something new, it something that stimulates our interests, and of course, traveling helps us know who we truly are as a person.

As traveling has been relatively popular in this technology-driven generation, some travelers ask which gadgets are safe to bring for international journeys. While there are many at present, here are some that are probably the most important.

Portable Charger

Of course, aside from a smartphone charger, all travelers would need that extra juice for their phone, and the one great provider of it is a portable charger.

As you arrive at your location, you would need to activate the GPS continuously for you not to get lost (particularly for the first-timers), and maintaining app usage for several hours could be stressful for the smartphone battery.

A Universal Adapter

Some outlets have different shapes, particularly if you are traveling to another country, and this is where a universal adapter comes into play.

An all-in-one travel adapter should become a priority for any traveler. A universal adapter is capable of charging three devices such as your smartphone, portable charger, and laptop all at the same time.

Flash Drive (Universal Serial Bus)

A flash drive will always come in handy whenever you go on a trip. Bringing a flash drive will enable you to give, receive, or share documents with any establishment that would need a soft copy of some of your necessary documents such as your photo, identification card, and passport and print it for you.

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Personal Safety Alarms

It is a tiny electronic device with the strength to emit a loud siren-like alarming noise. You can secretly wear this personal safety alarm as bracelets, iconic watches, or necklaces to add some style. On the other hand, if you don’t fancy wearable, then you can also attach alarms to your keychain or luggage for added protection.

GoPro Camera

An international trip will not be memorable if you don’t have photos from it. Having a GoPro with you doesn’t only allow you to take photos because it also gives you the advantage of taking part in some water activities. Plus, with its small feature, you certainly won’t have any problems with it putting inside your luggage.

Smart Luggage

Smart luggage is like your all-around gadget. This luggage has a battery along with a circuit board which allows you to charge your devices during extensive travels. Also, smart luggage has Wi-Fi connectivity, Electronic locks, a GPS tracking system, Bluetooth connectivity, and many more which can truly help in making your travel experience smooth as ever.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

It is always vital to maintain a consistent connection, and a portable hotspot device will be one of your greatest gadgets. By having this, you will be able to maintain communication through the internet anywhere.

Solar Backpacks

If you are traveling using a backpack, then why not bring an excellent bag that is capable of charging? It will be extremely beneficial in situations wherein you would have long train rides and flights. All of us want that feeling of waking up and knowing our smartphone and other gadgets are at full capacity.

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Filtered Water Bottle

A lot of travelers become sick during their journeys, and the reason behind it is drinking water that is contaminated. By having a filtered water bottle with you, you are also bringing a water purification system which is an utmost necessity when traveling internationally. Also, if you are going into far-flung areas, then a filtered water bottle will be one of your urgent needs.


Bringing a smartwatch would be a great help in your travel because it is like bringing a laptop but in the form of a wearable. With the help of a smartwatch, you can pinpoint your exact location because of its accurate GPS, it can also be your compass, altimeter, barometer, monitor your heart rate, and many more, all of these in the form of a watch.

To Conclude

It is hard to travel nowadays without the help of gadgets. Gadgets have become a great asset to help us feel safer and secure during our travel. They are also the reasons why we can now take and store photos anytime. So, by knowing these gadgets, you can safely bring at the airport during your trip, you can now have more adventure plans ahead.