How Can Inflatables Broaden Your Customer Reach?


Customer reach can be difficult to get and maintain, particularly if you are operating in a saturated market, but with inflatables of all different shapes and sizes, you can begin to market your business in a new and exciting way. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into how inflatables can help to broaden your customer reach as we head into the new year. 

Captures Attention 

When looking to capture attention with your marketing it is important to use something new and creative. With giant inflatables with the company logo and a clear message will capture the attention of passers-by in a way that you are more likely to remember what you have seen. This is key to the success of a marketing campaign as this will help to boost sales as well as increase footfall to your store or even to the stall that you have. 

Shows Clear Branding 

In addition to capturing the attention of passers-by, inflatables can help to showcase your branding as clearly as possible. Whether you decide to opt for an inflatable arch at your local event or a dancer outside of your storefront, this can showcase tour branding in an eye-catching way that people are likely to remember. An example of this is floating advertisements within the River Thames as this captures the attention of those on cruises as well as those using the Thames River Ferry to get to and from the centre of the capital, making this the ideal marketing ploy. 

Provides An interactive Element 

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In addition to the advertising element, there are a number of inflatables that also provide an interactive element to them. Whether this is a photo opportunity with a giant inflatable character or the use of their very own inflatable dartboard/ football pitch, this is the perfect way to encourage people to interact with your brand whilst providing them with a fun experience that they will not get elsewhere. This is, therefore, helping to build a relationship with potential customers almost instantly, making this the perfect way to market your brand at the next event you attend.  

Inflatable Advertising Can Increase Sales 

The final way that an inflatable can broaden customer reach is the increase in sales. Whether this is an inflatable dome to house your pop-up store or the perfect inflatable poster on a couple of stands, this can help to direct footfall to your business thus increasing sales. In addition to this, an inflatable fit with smart branding can be used in a local parade or at a fair to capture the audience’s attention and boost sales as a result. Whether this is a Christmas inflatable or an inflatable for a concert or event, this can all help to broaden reach in the long term. 

Whether you are a looking try time out an inflatable to market your business or you are looking for an easy way to stand out in the next parade, this is the way to do it. Which will you be choosing?