Top 5 Mini Projectors You Can Use With Your Android OS

Projectors Use Android OS

Technology advancement has been significant these last few years and keeps on improving as the day went by. The projectors we used five years ago is different from what we have right now. Most of the projectors used to be being and stationary, but right now, we have portable projectors. 

These portable mini projectors have been designed to make our connection easier with other devices. Most of these mini projectors come with android apps installed inside to make your use more comfortable. 

A good example now is that we can connect our android smartphones with the projectors are enjoy our entertainments. With everyone having a device that can store a massive amount of information right in their pocket, projectors make it easy to share. With your phone, you can connect to the projector and watch movies, stream content, and also do presentations quickly.

What Is Android Projector? 

The android projector has been designed just like android phones, and have apps that work hand in hand with the phones. Most of the apps are streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. All you have to do is download the apps and see as you please. You will have to run the apps directly from the projector when you want to use it. With your streaming apps in your projector already, it saves you lots of space. With a smartphone connected to the projector, you will be able to watch anything you want together with the apps available for you.

  1. Smart Android WI-FI Bluetooth Video Beam

When looking for an ideal home entertainment projector that has been designed with android capability, then this is the right one for you. The smart android beam projector comes with a fantastic brightness that works well in a well-lit room like a class or living room. The performance of the projector is outstanding and exceptional for movies, gaming, and other entertainment. Even though the brightness is not that bad, you can enjoy your movies when in a dark environment. It has android version 6.0 with WIFI and Bluetooth features that make it possible for you to download apps to and run. Its easy to download and works flawlessly. 

You can choose to watch movies from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Kodi, and many other entertainment choices. The connectivity of the projector is incredibly impressive, with many possible compatibilities. It comes with HDMI, VGA, and AV and makes other devices easy to connect to the projector. Since you can use a smartphone, gaming console, laptops, and other devices t connect, you enjoy more. It gives you a wide range of media capabilities than you could imagine.

With the adoption of the advanced noise reduction technology and cooling system, the sound production is low. When the fan noise is ultra-low, you enjoy gaming and movies in total silence, and only the sound from your movies is heard.

  1. Nebula Capsule By Anker, Smart Wi-Fi Mini projector

Nebula capsule projector is a remarkable projector with excellent performance that makes your entertainment and use worth it. It comes with impressive brightness with the advanced intel right algorithms that offer fantastic brightness. The images that are remarkably bright with big pictures on the screen of up to 100 inch big. Though the brightness is excellent for you to watch movies, you will have to use t in a dimmer environment. It has been equipped with a powerful omnidirectional speaker that produces amazing sounds in all directions.

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 This is a portable projector that can be used anywhere, one at ease. It also makes the installation to be easier and fast. You can carry in your as well when moving from home to office or on an outing with friends. Since the body of the Nebula projector has been designed with seamless aluminum, it ensures greater durability. It comes with an android version 7.1 with excellent streaming power that has no flaw when running. The media apps like Netflix, YouTube, and others work well in the projector. This makes your entertainment more beautiful for you and gets to watch anything you want. The Wi-Fi connection has to be good to enjoy streaming on your projector. Connecting your phone and device to the projector is also goof you’re your experience

  1. Aero snail android 6.0 LED portable projector

When looking for an incredible projector with good image display for your home and office, then the Aero Snail projector is excellent for you. It’s a smart projector hat that has an android capable feature, and it supports both the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth connection. It’s a great business travel projector for many who are moving from one place to another working. It has been designed to be the ultra-portable mini cube for an elegant appearance. The brightness of the projector is excellent and uses LED technology, which gives you many years of use. The good thing with LED technology is that you will not have to change builds for a pretty long time. For gaming, this is an incredible projector gaming. You have the superb snail upgraded home portable video beam.

 With the android version 6.0 operating system, you can download many apps for your use in the google store. With the wireless connection available for you will enjoy the connection and avid too much cabling. The resolution of the projector is good with a native of 854 x 540 with a great contrast ratio that makes your whole visual excellent. As for speakers of the projector, you have an amazing one that has been designed to make you sound great. In comes with an inbuilt SRS HiFi great for backyard entertainment at home. There is nothing good as having a comfortable home entertainment right at your backyard. It comes with pre-installed apps that have already been tested by the AeroSnail 

  1. AAXA P2-A Android smart LED Pico projector

AAXA projector has been designed with an incredible performance to make your projector perfect for your needs. It has great connectivity when connected to WFFI, as well as connected by Bluetooth. It’s a versatile media machine perfect for easier movement at home and] at the office. With this projector used at the office, all your presentations would be excellent for you. For home entertainment, the projector is able to give you a vibrant image that makes the entertainment beautiful. It uses the LED technology that makes the projector durable for you and needs several years before doing a replacement of a projector.

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The streaming apps that have pre-installed in the projector are excellent, especially for mirroring with airplay. If you want to do mirroring, then you will need to have airplay that enables you to connect it easily. For a 3rd party android app, you will need to download from the AAXA website. The connectivity if the projector is wide and allows you to connect different devices. It comes with the HDMI, AV, USB, and MicroSD to make your connection easy for you. The battery life of the projector is good at two and a half hours with over 30k hours of use. With the projector, you will not be worried about replacing it for a very long time

  1. ERISAN Projector Video Home TV Theater

Erisan video projector is one of the best androids enabled projector in the market with great features. It featuring an ungraded LED technology, the projector brightness could be said to be top-notch.It provides an incredible cinematic viewing experience that is good in a dark environment. Throw distance of the projector is excellent and can project from 3.5- 16 feet and project a big image of up to 180 inches. It’s a good projector have at home for home entertainment. 

When it comes to business and education center, it’s not good. It’s a small projector and will not take much of your strength to carry around. You can carry it with you anywher you want easily, even in your bag. It comes with android version 6.0 that makes your apps work well with the projector. You can run Netflix, Hulu, and others from your projector and enjoy watching beautiful content. It also has an inbuilt Bluetooth module that makes it possible to pair with other Bluetooth soundbar and other devices.

You can connect your movies to external speakers through Bluetooth connectivity and enjoy the exceptional sound. With a remote control at hand, the projector becomes easy to use and operate. The connectivity is excellent and can have other devices connected to it and enjoy your entertainment more

  • Conclusion

With the projector having a good android version that makes you entertainment best, all of the projectors above have great performance. For you to get the right project tor for your use will also be determined by what you want to watch in your projector as well as the place. With the advancement of the projectors lately, all of them are good more, especially the ones with the android installed app. With Netflix installed in the projector, you will have to sign in and watch all your favorite movies and shows. The Movies on Netflix are all the latest ones with their series all in place.