Top 4: Best Free Streaming Apps On PC You Can Use

Best Free Streaming Apps

If you’re looking for an app that would let you watch movies for free on your PC, then this list is just for you. Some of you would prefer movies that are funny, and some prefer drama. All of us like the time we share with our families while we gobble a bowl of popcorn and adore a good movie. This blog will tell you the top 4 Best Free Streaming Apps on PC you can use.

People who love movies that own a Windows-based PC have an additional reason to be happy. They can now enjoy some incredible free movie streaming apps for pc that would let them watch their choice of movies and TV shows.

The best thing about this list is that they are all free and you don’t have to pay a single cent just to be able to watch your favorite movies. Before we start, you ought to know that some of these apps would work much better if you acquire a VPN that would allow you to change your location. This would let you stream movies or TV shows that are not available in your country.

Sony Crackle

The first thing on this list would be Crackle from your well-loved Sony Pictures Entertainment. This streaming app is only limited to users who are in Australia, the US, Canada, and the UK. As mentioned above, if you are able to acquire a VPN on your device, you can then change your location and be able to obtain it.

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Movie enthusiasts can choose from a large number of genres. All you have to do is just press on the selected genre you want and stream it. The best thing about this streaming app is, you can create a watch list that would not let you miss out on any episodes that you are currently watching. Sounds good, right?

The movie player works extremely smoothly and is very easy to use. The downside of it all is, the free movies are supported by ads, so you may have to watch some ads first. If you think about it, it seems a just price for you to play that would let you watch the contents that Sony Crackle is providing.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn time is a free app that is an amazing substitute for Netflix, and it contains almost every movie that you still haven’t been able to watch. The main page of this streaming app is filled with some of the best hit movies of all time, and if you are fond of watching a lot of movies, then you are on the right track on this app.

It is a well-known streaming app that uses the BitTorrent protocol that lets you stream movies for free. I guess you’re wondering about its legality. What you have to know is that this service uses sequential streaming that does not let you download unsanctioned copies of the movies via the P2P protocol.


This streaming app is a convenient way to use for you to watch and stream movies. This free movie streaming app actually comes with a twist: the majority of the movies you are watching are not on the app itself. It would just direct you to different free movie apps that you can use to watch and stream movies for free.

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The list of movies just goes on and on, and this is because some of Yidio lumps content from various streaming apps. One thing to know about Yidio is that there may be quite a number of paid subscription movie apps that are registered. Nevertheless, if you are able to manage Yidio efficiently, you would be able to find thousands of free movies.


SnagFilms is an exceptional free movie app if you are interested in documentaries or indie movies. The content mainly consists of revered and praised independent movies. If you’re wondering whether it has high-quality movies, then yes. It has amazing quality and adding to that, and the movie player is very easy to use.

With most of the free movie streaming apps for pc or any other devices, SnagFilms is also an ad-supported service that would require you to watch ads before letting you stream or during the stream. The upside to this is that the ads are not too frequent and interrupting. 


What are you waiting for? Try all of it now and find something that would suit your needs in watching movies online. All you have to do is get on your computer and download the app. It is as easy as that.