Tissot Watches: Telling Time with Premium and Luxury Watches


While it may be true that people look for Patek Philippes, Rolexes, and other luxury watch brands. There is one watch brand that you should also consider whenever you look for these types of watches. What we’re talking about are Tissot wristwatches. These watches won’t only make you look good, but it also comes with a very affordable price.

The brand all started with the father-and-son duo, Charles-Emille Tissot and Charles-Felicién. They put up a shop in Le Locle, Switzerland, more than 150 years ago. However, it was his son that greatly innovated the brand, promoting it both in the US and Europe. So, here are some of the best Tissot watches that you should look out for in the market. 

Tissot PR 100 Men’s Chronograph

Manufacturers of Tissot watches offer some of the most meticulously made watches in the industry. One of which is the PR 100, and it is one of the more affordable wristwatches that the brand offers. Encased in a 41-mm stainless steel quartz that features lumed hands, 30-m water resistance, and sturdy pushers.

The most attractive feature of this watch is the chronograph itself. It offers a simple and clean design that will surely be liked by many. It isn’t one of those watches that looks too busy. Another great thing about this watch is that it pairs well with both steel bands and leather, making it very easy to mix and match with your outfit.

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It balances well the sporty and dressy features, making it an all-around watch for all men. Without a doubt, this is the type of watch that someone should be wearing on any given occasion.

Tissot Seastar 1000

Dive watches can look good in just about every situation. However, it is sometimes difficult to match your outfit. As an answer, Tissot manufactured and released to the public the Seastar 1000. It is a stylish and elegant dive watch that surely won’t look out of place at formal gatherings. The dressy charm of the Seastar is the downplay yet beautiful blue watch face that comes with a simple date complication.

The watch comes with a 42-mm case that also offers water resistance for depths of 300-m. It also features Tissot’s sapphire crystal and efficient automatic movement. While it has traditional circular markings, the general construction of the timepiece makes it look modern and distinguished.

Tissot Everytime Swissmatic

The brand excels at many things, including offering premium watches that come with a relatively inexpensive price tag. However, even with the brand’s standards, the Everytime is surely one of the most valuable watches on the market. The automatic Everytime Swissmatic is enclosed in a 40-mm sapphire crystal case, which is also scratch-resistant.

This specific watch is one of the most famous watches for any kind of watch enthusiast. For a very reasonable price, the Everytime offers some of the best that the brand can possibly offer, from the sleek-looking watch case to their popular movements. With a simple date complication and minimalistic design, this can be worn with any everyday casual clothes.

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Tissot Tradition Men’s Chronograph

Silver-dialed watches give you a simple and neat style aesthetic that always comes perfect with any outfit you’re wearing. However, there are many manufacturers that still go with blue or black dial watches. Hence, whenever we see someone wearing a silver dial, it’s nearly impossible not to notice it, right?

This is when the Tissot Tradition chronograph comes into the picture. It comes with so many great features, including a 42-m stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, classic indices, and stainless steel pushers, among others. It also comes with a simple date complication located near the 4 and 5 o’clock position.

Tissot’s Automatic Couturier

Watches can sometimes be uninspired. It’s infrequent for one certain brand to have the ability to shatter the traditional chronograph mold. However, Tissot was able to give wearers a fresh new take with the brand’s Couturier. Even though this watch is on the more expensive side, you surely won’t regret choosing this one.

This stainless steel timepiece comes with a diameter of 43-mm and comes  with a sapphire crystal, silver indices, and automatic movement. What makes this unique is that it has a special day-date complication. It shows the date and day as the “fourth” chronograph, which gives wearers a balanced, nice look. Even with just this small detail, it adds so much to the Couturier.


Whichever Tissot watch you choose, you are surely guaranteed quality and luxury at the same time. With the brand’s devotion to quality, rich history, and affordability, these watches will surely give you what you’re looking for.