A Collector’s Guide : 3 Best Wristwatch From The Blancpain Wrist Watch Collection


The brand of Blancpain is considered one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers in the wristwatch industry that offers various timepiece designs and functions in the market, producing cutting-edge luxury watches since 1735. It is committed to being innovative, leading Blancpain’s men’s watches to branch out to several diverse collections that ultimately catered to the needs of the public while achieving unique concepts in its design. 

The goal is to provide the needs and wants of every wristwatch collector and wristwatch owner worldwide. Blancpain maintains its reputation today, one of the most prestigious and outstanding Swiss wristwatch manufacturers in the market. Here are 3 of the best wristwatches from their collection to help you decide on your next wristwatch.

Fifty Fathoms Automatique Titanium / Black / Canvas 45mm

For a good cause, many people regard the Blancpain watch brand as one of the most high-end and luxury timepiece brands available today. Their business provides a variety of wristwatch products with outstanding watch styles that cater to wrist watch enthusiasts.

The model 5015-12B30-B52A is created as a timepiece that exudes elegance and conforms to the requirements of their brand, which is a high luxury and elegant-looking wrist watch production. This timepiece has a stainless-steel case that measures 45 millimeters in diameter and a sapphire crystal that is scratch resistant.

This watch has a black dial with a date feature that lets you keep track of your daily schedule. A comfortable harness is expertly matched with a mix of luxury fabrics and an elegant-looking bezel. Without a doubt, this wristwatch is one of the timepieces that should be added to anyone’s list because it looks so elegant.

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Wristwatch Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Ceramic / Black / Canvas

Blancpain’s wristwatch range is set to become one of the most sought-after timepiece collections on the market today. The fact that this timepiece has a lovely dial and masterfully features to be precise and practical is one of the best features of this model 5000-0130-B52 A.

They have ensured that the accuracy of this wristwatch is outstanding. It has a 1315 caliber automatic movement with 35 jewels and a 120-hour power supply. Between the 5 and 4 o’clock positions on the 43.6-millimeter dial is a date button. This timepiece also has an exquisite satin-brushed black ceramic case that adds to its aesthetic appeal.

This timepiece’s dial is also straightforward to read, with clean and crisp details in the letters, numbers, and style. The strap also contributes to the overall aesthetic since it is a lightweight and easy-to-wear strap. The overall appearance and efficiency of this timepiece can be defined in one word: perfection.

Fifty Fathoms Meteor 43mm Men’s Watch

Blancpain wrist watches have long been known for being sought-after timepieces in today’s market due to their beauty and sophistication in production. The 5000-1110-B52A is an outstanding wristwatch with a long history dating back to its introduction to the industry. It has a scratch-resistant sapphire case with a translucent back and a 43 mm stainless steel case.

The stainless steel case is then combined with a sail canvas band that perfectly complements the case. The watch hands on this timepiece are luminous with a luminescence finish. This model also includes a date display as well as a 300-meter water resistance function.

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You would be in safe hands with this timepiece because it is made of sapphire crystal and is highly durable in any activity that you would choose to partake in. Its movements are the Blancpain Calibre 1315, which has 35 jewels and a 120-hour reserve that can be used while the watch is completely wound.

Important Note About Their Wristwatch Collection

One of the many features that the Blancpain brand has to deliver is water resistance, which varies from 100 meters to 300 meters, allowing the wearer to engage in a variety of water sports. It is also scratch-resistant, allowing you to wear their timepiece set even during high-intensity activities.

It’s also a given that they have a diverse range to satisfy the needs of any wrist watch enthusiast in terms of styles and functions. As a result, you can select from a variety of timepieces in their range to meet your needs and desires.


Blancpain has a wide range of wristwatches to choose from, all of which have a high-quality timepiece. Many wristwatch fans admire it, making their timepiece a decent purchase for your fashion as well as potential gains if you decide to resell your wristwatches on the market.