Trim and cutting of materials into the shapes or objects of our own choice is all down by a vinyl cutter. They are not usually in huge sizes; they are in normal sizes which can easily be attached with a computer and work.

The reason it’s attached to a computer is because the computer controls all the action of the vinyl, the cutter machine’s blade can move from one point to another as it’s cutting it the material into any shape of your choice.

If you want any specific design, symbol or letter then this vinyl cutting machine is ideal for you as it would literally cut according to the design.

It’s never easy to get a good quality vinyl cutting machine and it’s a lot harder if you’re getting it for the first time. One has to look at a lot of things when buying a vinyl cutting machine but the only thing in which you don’t have to compromise is speed and stability.

There are also couple of other things that one can look at while purchasing a vinyl but the few things that should always be in your mind are;

Which type of vinyl cutting machine do you want?

There are two types of vinyl cutting machines:

  • Vinyl cutting for commercial use
  • Vinyl cutting for simple craft cutting

For the commercial use, those vinyl cutting machines are those which are used for a larger scale it mostly refers to the exclusive demands of a client.

These vinyl cutters can cut different sets of materials and mostly large designs, can cut complicated designs quickly without any mistakes, is larger in size as compared to normal machines but is a little more expensive.

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For the simple craft cutting vinyl machine, it is smaller in size and can easily fit on a desktop, it is also quit easy and fast to use, also someone who is opting to buy in budget then this is ideal option.

What features are you looking for?

There are number of features, one has to look at while buying a vinyl cutting machines which are;

  • How much wireless capacity does it have?
  • The automatic setting of a vinyl machine are very important
  • And the software installed in it, is it good?

Some of the best desktop cutters have Bluetooth installed in it which design sofa on a I-pad and one can send craft design and this with such one click so knowing the capacity of wireless is very important.

Advanced craft cutters are now able to automatically adjust their own settings to a range of materials with just one click making it using process user friendly and less complicated.

And lastly, what kind of software installed inside the machine is the most important; Adobe illustrator remains the best option but there are also other good software’s too.

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Listed below are some of the best vinyl cutting machines:

1. Circuit cutter

The main features that consist of this cutter is that it can literally cut any fabric, and can cut a lot of different materials at once and other than all this it has a whole library of sewing patterns.

Anyone who loves dabbing into different hand crafts would find this circuit cutter the most ideal for their work as its work is efficient and one cannot doubt it much.

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2. Circuit Explore Air 2

It came into market back in 2015, and since then it received immense love and rave reviews.

One of the best features of this cutter is that it works really fast and it has the flexibility that you need in order to have craft finer in details.

And one feature which over powers this from others is it has set dial in it which can help you find the best setting for your craft project. See the Cricut Black Friday 2019.


In conclusion I would just say that if you have your budget, and you know your priorities then finding a vinyl cutting machine cannot be very difficult thing, and as mentioned above these are the two most best reviewed cutters in the market world.