How to Grow Your Email List With a Facebook Messenger Bot

How to Grow Your Email List With a Facebook Messenger Bot

With the changes in the business world, a huge number of businesses have turned to social media marketing to expand their business and generate sales. The first platform to make an appearance on Facebook as it is the platform with 1 billion daily active users. So, on Facebook, businesses communicate with customers and confirm the orders through Facebook Messenger.  However, the Facebook messenger has a bot option which allows the users to collect the email list of the people who contact them which gets handy when you have to market and advertise your sales, promotions, or even the new products. So, if you are not familiar with the procedure, let us help you with it as we have added everything you need to know.

Set Up The List

By using Facebook messenger’s bot option, you can collect the emails and build an email list. However, you will need to have an email marketing service. In the first step, log in to the email marketing service and create a list in which you can add the email list and switch on the automated messages. The procedure is broken down into the steps given below;

  1. First of all, create the list in which you will have to buy facebook likes and save it
  2. Then, write an engaging welcome message which will be automated
  3. You can also select the type of automated message according to your business and niche

Connect To Third-Party Software

Facebook messenger does not have this in-built feature and you will need to get your hands on a third-party software to build the email list. We like the Mailchimp software as it will allow you to set up the bot and collect the email addresses.

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Connect With Zapier

Not everyone is comfortable using the Mailchimp or many don’t have access to it. So if you have the same issue, you can work on to gain access to Zapier which is another email service provider and it will do the same thing for you.

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Zapier offers a free version to its users and can be connected and integrated with the email marketing tools, CRMs, and Google Docs. This email service provider will not make it mandatory for you to have expertise in coding language. If you need to know how can you use Zapier, read the steps given below;

  • You will have to start with the creation of chatbot in ManyChat and create a new flow
  • Add a name to the flow tab to categorize it
  • Then, create a message to qualify the lead
  • Add the user input
  • Select time for the email along with the reply type

Now, you need to interconnect the Zapier and ManyChat and for that, click on the action and select the trigger zap. Now, just name the zap and the message will be created.