How Businesses Can Take Advantage of NetBaseQuid’s Social Listening Tools

Businesses Can Take Advantage of NetBaseQuid

NetBaseQuid is one of the most reliable and rewarding social media analytics tools available for businesses. Never before, has the potential of a company finding its success by relying on social media analytics been as high as it is now. Social listening is perhaps the most rewarding of these social analytic tools. This involves listening to the demands of your markets, gathering insights, digging into the problems, and attracting potential leads. Here is how businesses can take advantage of this unique social analytics tool to solve problems and generate leads.

Position Your Brand Message Better

For a company to attract potential customers and convert them to customers, it has to be able to speak their language. Social listening allows a business to gather data on its market that will enable it to understand the language of its potential customers, and therefore, familiarize with their demands. Understanding the needs of the market involves knowing what your audience likes and the type of content they crave for. With this information at hand, a business can be able to position its brand message better. The brand message’s excellent positioning means that it can capture the attention of a broader market and direct more potential clients your way.

Come Up With A Social Lead Gathering Campaign

Listening to your market gives you insights on who your potential customers are and what they want. With this information at hand, you should go on and set up and ongoing listening campaign. To come up with an excellent social lead gathering campaign, you should pick several keywords that are relevant to your niche and take advantage of NetBaseQuid’s social listening tool to observe each of them.

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Here you can get daily reports on the mentions of the keyword. A comprehensive listening tool like one found on NetBaseQuid’s platform allows you to keep track of all mentions of the keywords in social channels, blogs, forums, video sites, etc. This will help you identify which social channels your brand needs to engage its market to generate the maximum number of leads. Social media channels change, and setting up an ongoing listening campaign gives you the advantage of staying ahead of the change, and thus, maximizing your leads.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Numerous studies have revealed that 21st-century customers prioritize the experience they get when engaging with a brand over anything else. 52% of baby boomers, 50% of Gen Xers, and 54% of millennials have ditched brands due to poor customer service. As a business actively engaging in social listening, you can pinpoint your customers’ expectations and tune your customer service to meet and even exceed it. This way, you will be able to retain existing customers while attracting more new ones.

Engage With Influencers

The impact social influencers can have on the success of a brand is undeniable. Listening to your market will allow you as a business to identify which influencers are relevant and which are likely to offer the most value when you collaborate with them. Reliable studies indicate that brands can get up to 11 times the RIO when they take advantage of influencer marketing.

About NetBaseQuid

NetBaseQuid is a top-notch social analytics platform that boasts of delivering fast, accurate, and in-depth consumer insights. This social analytics platform offers unmatched social listening tools and provides real-time data to allow you to make decisions in line with the changing consumer demands. What sets NetBaseQuid apart from the competition is its proprietary AI and Machine Learning technology. It can analyze all the data of your customers’ data to gain reliable insights to push your business to success. This business solution also favors small and medium-sized enterprises looking to move to the next level.