The Influence of the Media and Game Streamers to the Growth of Online Casinos


There’s no denying the fact that various forms of media have influenced the growth and development of online casinos over a couple of decades. The introduction of the internet has changed everything in this world. It has led to the creation of many new industries and brought an incredible change in existing ones as well. 

Online casino industry is one such industry that has seen an immense transformation over the last two decades. It all started as a small niche industry with only few online casinos but now, we have hundreds of online casinos where people can play games using their luck and skill at different games. 

The media creates awareness about online casinos. When people get exposed to different forms of media, they tend to try new things and experiment with their life. This was the case with online casinos too, as people started playing them after learning about them through different mediums such as books, movies, magazines and television shows. The popularity of these platforms increased exponentially after the 2000s, which led to a drastic rise in their growth rate over the next few years. 

Many factors contributed to this huge growth in which the media played a pivotal role. Let’s take a look at different forms of media that gave breakthroughs to this industry over years:

Social Media 

Social networking sites such as Facebook also played an important role in increasing awareness regarding this industry, as they introduced social games that had real currency value attached to them along with other virtual goods like avatars. 

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As more and more users started playing these games at social networks like Facebook or Zynga Poker, it gave rise to even more players who wanted similar experiences on their mobile devices too!

Television advertisement

Television advertisements are a common way to promote casinos and their games. Many casino companies use celebrities, such as sports stars and actors, in their TV ads to attract attention. These celebrities also help boost the image of the casino brand by associating it with themselves.

Besides using celebrity endorsements, TV advertisements often show how easily people can win money from playing certain games at a casino. Casinos frequently advertise that they offer bonuses for new players too (e.g., “Double your first bet”), which may encourage people who have never played online before to try these types of online games at a casino.

Popular TV shows

Popular TV shows have influenced the growth of online casinos by making people more aware of the perks of gambling. Shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and The Simpsons are known for characters who like to visit Las Vegas. They also make it seem cool to go there and gamble, which encourages more people to do so.

In addition, Game of Thrones has become a worldwide phenomenon that many people are familiar with. One particular character in this show is Tyrion Lannister; he is a dwarf, but he does not let that stop him from winning at cards or betting on horses. 

Hollywood movies

Hollywood movies have played a huge role in making online casinos popular. They are responsible for the positive portrayal of online casinos, as well as their use as a plot device for many films.

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In 2018 alone, Hollywood made over $1 billion from gambling-related content. This figure is set to grow even further in future years and will continue to push the growth of the industry forward on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

With so much money being spent by producers on gambling-related content, it is no surprise that more people are watching these movies than ever before, especially young adults who might not otherwise be interested in gambling!

Game streamers on social media

Game streamers on social media have a huge following. They can reach out to millions of people and help them learn more about casinos and games. Game streamers are also able to promote casinos on their social media accounts. You can also become a game streamer by playing online roulette real money games and teaching people online to do the same.


As we have seen above, some forms of media were more successful than others in helping the growth of online casinos, but they all played important roles in bringing this industry mainstream. 

Nowadays, with more people using their smartphones and laptops to access the internet, there are numerous ways to access online casinos, such as social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram where game streamers are playing live tournaments while talking to their viewers at same time.