The Future Of Male Sex Toys

Future Of Male Sex Toys

Masturbation is the common denominator of all populations across the globe. It’s fun and can be very healthy. About 63 percent of adult men in North America masturbate. They do it to relieve stress, experience pleasure, and for other reasons. Some do it alone; others with one or more partners. In this blog, you will know about the future of male sex toys.

The future of masturbation has never been better. Even the present is amazing. Exploring tech developments in male sex toys has never been more interesting with cool new tech becoming more and more affordable and advances making the news. We summarize the main, most notable trends. 

A Different Kind of Orgasm 

A new class of toys attempts to achieve a different kind of orgasm by focusing on the frenulum, a small spot beneath the penis head. These toys look like sleeves with a hole on the bottom. They are simple to use – simply slide it into the sleeve and press ‘on’. There is uniform vibration you’ll feel all in one place. The toy switches off when it doesn’t sense suction. You can control the intensity and the noise it makes. The sleeve is easy to clean – just remove and rinse it. 


The idea of sitting at home with a plastic viewer on your face might seem weird and even quite unsexy, but if you try it, you’ll forget any awkwardness pretty quickly. Cyberporn, or VR porn, will allow people to see themselves in sex scenes and enjoy a very realistic close-up of different acts. The experience of a gorgeous woman or man having sex or masturbating with you is novel, immersive, and very exciting. 

Virtual reality porn has the potential to allow men to enter the bodies of people that are completely different from theirs. For example, a man of stocky build can experience sex as someone with an athletic or slim build. You can watch VR porn as a participant or observer of an orgy or see sex from the viewpoint of a beautiful woman. The possibilities are practically endless. 

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Virtual porn inspires experimentation

Companies making the male sex toys of the future agree that this kind of porn will encourage men to try hands-free masturbation more and more often. Part of the rush of VR is sitting back and letting someone else do the work. Combining hands-free masturbation with VR porn will definitely be a thing in the future. 

Masturbators and Strokers 

Even now, masturbators and strokers come in all shapes and sizes. There are strokers with a ribbed shaft, open-ended ones that men can use during oral sex or solo, and ones that are textured like vaginas or anuses. You can pull some of them to create a sucking sensation. These lightweight, nonvibrating toys are becoming more and more popular. You can use them anywhere as long as the context is appropriate. There is even a porn star selection at , which will add variety to masturbation with or without a partner. 

Handheld strokers are among the most requested sex toys from men. Vibrators for men come in a close second. These pulsing, warming toys will please you in ways that are impossible for hands. Regardless of whether you get an erection or not, the best ones can give you hands-free orgasms. Vibrating toys pulse and move forwards and backwards at different speeds, so there’s no need to be concerned with stroking the penis. The toy takes care of everything. Simply sit back and relax. 

Say Goodbye to Sex Dolls

While silicone and inflatable sex dolls are still in high demand, they will eventually become a thing of the past. Sex robots are the future. The companies working on these prototypes are involved in artificial intelligence in the sense of making a product that you can have sex with and talk to. 

Right now, sex robots are being featured everywhere, prominently at that: in TV shows, in movies, and even in news articles published by reputable media. Just don’t let your imagination get carried away. There is no risk of a sex robot in an Isaac Asimov scenario. 

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Toys Inspired by Medical Technology

Going back to the present – medical technology is inspiring many exciting developments. The toys available for men today can do things that were unfathomable even a few years ago. It’s not hard to see why the sex toys of the future will be based on robotic or medical technology. Devices with web-based applications are among the sex toys of the future. 

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The latest technologies include tissue engineering, penile vibrators, external penile support devices, extracorporeal shockwave (low intensity), endovascular technology, and nanotechnology. Toys are being developed based on all of these. Experts are working on improving vacuum erectile devices to stimulate new ideas. We can anticipate sex tech to revolutionize treatment of erective dysfunction in the immediate future. 

Medical experts have designed oscillating vibrators to help men who struggle with getting or maintaining erections. Oscillating vibrators can be used while watching VR porn, with a partner, or solo. The vibrations they generate are very different from those typical vibrators do. They offer an intensely satisfying sensation you feel inside your penis, not just on the surface.

Prohibitive Pricing? 

Virtual reality kits like the Oculus Rift can set you back thousands of dollars, but they are not mandatory. Most men with a viewer and a smartphone can access VR. Basic kits are available for less than $50 on Amazon. You can download free apps to play videos on your phone.

The Future is Now

This may be just the beginning of sex toys for men that we’ll see in the future. Every niche is moving toward smart products – rapidly at that. Sex tech is no exception. In the future, we will have devices that can sync with different kinds of equipment to keep us satisfied or ones that learn our preferences. While VR and sex robots aren’t about to turn our sex lives upside down – at least not in the near future – they will be accessible for all to enjoy one day.