The Christmas Chronicles 3 – Is the Series Releasing in 2022?

the Christmas chronicles 3

If you are new to Netflix and have heard about the craze that people have for this platform, there is no way you haven’t seen glimpses of The Christmas Chronicles. And the release of the first part was done back in 2018. But not everyone knows about The Christmas Chronicles. It was when the pandemic hit the world hard, and people had no option but to trust platforms like Netflix, the evolution sprouted up. And with all of this comes the concern that – ‘Will The Christmas Chronicles 3 sequel release soon??’

We don’t blame people for the craze that took place because of this series! It is such an engaging series that anyone who watches it once will fall in love with it. So, if you are also in love with this series, look no further than the segment below. Here we will talk in detail about The Christmas Chronicles’ first part, the second, and of course, answer your most awaited question – Will there be a release of The Christmas Chronicles 3 soon in 2022??

the christmas chronicles 3

Introducing You to The Christmas Chronicles

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you haven’t watched this superhit series. It is a masterwork done by Clay Kaytis. The film is blessed with the presence of some renowned names in the Hollywood industry like Darby Chap, Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Judah Lewis, Oliver Hudson, Lamorne Morris, and our very own Kurt Russell.

Glimpses of the Plot

The story revolves around two siblings, Teddy and Kate, where they jump into Santa Clause’s sleigh, and eventually, the sleigh meets with an accident. And in this entire mishap, Santa loses all the gifts to give the children.

With this begins the turmoil of this series. It’s up to Santa and the two kids to look for the presents to give away and save Christmas. All of which revolves around spectacular humor and a wonderful screenplay.

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The film ends on an excellent note, but that’s not all! The end of this series lighted the urge to see the next part, which eventually was created by Chris Columbus. And thus, The Christmas Chronicles 2 was released in November 2020.

the christmas chronicles 3

The Christmas Chronicles 2

The Christmas Chronicles 2 has the character and plot the same, but the new story engages the audiences and engrosses them into the entire series.

Kate, the little kid, seen in the first part, is now a grown-up, and her brother too. Since Kate’s mom lost her first husband in part one, it is seen that she is dating a new guy. The guy already has a son called Jack, and all of them happen to spend Christmas in Mexico. And that’s something Kate is absolutely not enjoying.

So, she decides to go back to where she lives in Boston alone. But eventually, that doesn’t happen! She sits in a car and is taken to where Santa lives by an elf, which was adopted by Santa. The story starts from there and eventually revolves around that place.

The elf is mischievous and wants to destroy or capture the entire town. The story revolves around that place, making this series a superhit as well. All of which has driven a great fanbase and has eventually created the craze of people wanting to know more about The Christmas Chronicles 3.

How did the craze of The Christmas Chronicles 3 come up?

The craze of this Netflix series sprouted as soon as people had seen the second sequel. But the ice broke, especially when the director of The Christmas Chronicles 2 – Chris Columbus, spoke about his inception of creating another series.

While speaking to a Comic magazine, he spoke about the fact that Mrs. Claus has spoken about the fact that she does not have children. And that is a sadness that prevails in her every since. But is it for real?

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Is Chris thinking about highlighting his next series with this plot in his mind? Well, to be honest, we are not sure. But if Chris does have a thing in mind that he definitely wishes to bring out on celluloid.

Even though Chris hasn’t spoken much about this, he does leave his fans in absolute amazement and wonder that will he surround the story around Mrs. Claus, or will does he have something absolutely different in his mind!

Is The Christmas Chronicles 3 for real?

Well, in 2021, it was assumed that people were going to see the third sequel of this film in 2022. But there is no news of the shooting or any other preparations of the film in the press as of now. So, we cannot help but only hope that the series can give our Christmas gift in 2022.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we know why you’ve glued yourself for so long!! You’re probably amazed by the look and the craze this film has created. The movie is not only a film that children love.

The Christmas Chronicles series has the capability of capturing people of all ages. Somewhere in the subtle comedy that the film has, people can relate to the characters and can find an eternal emotion with it.

Somewhere the setting of Christmas and the memorable thoughts that this festive season brings to us is something that leaves all of us in absolute awe. So, as we mentioned earlier, if you are new and haven’t watched this film, this is a must-watch.

And it’s needless to mention that if you’ve seen the first one, you are bound to look for the second sequel and eventually wait for the third sequel to come out. So, go ahead and watch this movie, and don’t forget to leave us your reviews in the comment section below.