The Basque Country national football team

The Basque Country national football team is a non-FIFA national football team representing the Basque Country, an autonomous region in northern Spain. When betting on every single game of the football season from 1xBet you will also find chances to wager on this particular team.

The team is not affiliated with FIFA or UEFA and is not eligible to participate in official competitions such as the World Cup or the European Championship. However, the team plays friendly matches and tournaments against other non-FIFA teams and national teams. You can start betting on every single game of the football season from the 1xBet platform, which always covers the best football teams.

Establishing the team

The Basque national team was founded in 1923 and its first match was played against France in 1924. The team played its first official match against Catalonia, which is another region of Spain, in 1926. It is very easy to create an account at the best online beting site in India: offers you outstanding chances to wager on this squad.

During its first years there were many squads that this team faced with some regularity, which include:

  • Occitania;
  • Catalonia;
  • and Navarre.

The team is composed of players from the Basque Country who play professionally in Spain and abroad. The 1xBet India website is the best online betting site in the country, which welcomes all sports fans from this part of the world.

The team has a strong tradition of fielding players from Athletic Bilbao, a club based in the Basque Country that has a policy of only fielding players from the Basque Country or players trained in the Basque Country.

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An important symbol for the region

The Basque Country national team has had some success in recent years, winning the unofficial VIVA World Cup in 2012 and finishing as runners-up in 2013. Besides football, at 1xBet you can also find live tennis scores, which will help you understand how things are going in the best tournaments

The Basque Country national football team matches are considered as part of the cultural and political identity of the Basque people. As a consequence, they are often attended by a large number of fans. The matches are used as a platform for promoting Basque culture and language. They have even been used as a way to express the Basque people’s desire for greater autonomy or even independence from Spain. The 1xBet site has live scores for plenty of sports, including tennis and football, and in the latter you can also know how the Basque Country team is doing.