Best cable TV and internet bundles for big households

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In today’s unpredictable world, everything and anything can happen. During the ongoing pandemic, we witnessed how fast-paced life can come to a halt at any time. As far as economies, business activities, entertainment, and past time activities were concerned, we have seen everything come to an end. We just had to make alternatives when everything looked hopeless and bleak, and life was back to normal, or should we call it the new normal?  The internet came in the form of alternatives of internet bundles that took over the responsibility of the world’s infrastructure, and slowly, all of our daily activities became digital. It is then not surprising to see trends such as work from home and online classes. These things used to be prevalent before, but now people are forced to follow these structures, and they have become the norm. 

In the entertainment sector, we also saw a dramatic increase in the use of streaming services and online gaming and a sudden spike in TV viewership, a trend not seen since 2011, when there were consistent declines in TV viewing. During the impending lockdown that followed the pandemic, people were trapped in their homes, and their only source of entertainment was TV and cable. After this current development, more and more people are subscribing to cable TV, giving new life to a dead field. 

Furthermore, many providers, such as Spectrum, have also begun giving huge discounts on cable and internet bundles because these services are the most important in the current marketplace. With Spectrum bundle deals, which offer all the entertainment you need at very low prices, you can clearly see this price drop.

What are the benefits of bundling internet and TV?

Bundling internet and TV may make sense if you are planning on getting them anyway. If you choose to go that route, make sure you will get the internet speeds and channels you wish without being able to get them cheaper elsewhere. 

You may end up paying more than you have to for a cable package that includes AMC, TBS, and ESPN for instance. With live TV streaming services, you can get almost the same channels like cable while paying less – Sling TV, for instance, offers those 3 channels for just a few bucks. Furthermore, many providers offer “locals only” or “basic” TV packages that charge you for channels that you can air over the air for free. Alternatively, if you wish to watch regional sports networks, a cable TV bundle may be your only choice. 

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Additionally, many internet service providers offer streaming and internet bundles coupled with streaming services like YouTube TV, Sling TV, and their own exclusive streaming service in addition to traditional TV. Below is a list of bundles that are affordable and great. A cost-effective bundle is available from each provider, streaming or otherwise, with recommendations for the most cost-effective bundles that include regional sports networks.

3 Affordable Cable and Internet Bundles in 2022

  • Spectrum bundles: Internet and TV Essentials

Spectrum keeps it simple, and we like that. That’s one reason why the provider made our list of the best cable internet providers. With Spectrum, customers can build a bundle combining three internet plans and three cable TV plans. You can also get a discount when you bundle Spectrum internet and cable TV, but your cheapest option is Spectrum’s streaming service.

Spectrum internet customers who do not subscribe to a cable TV package can get TV Essentials for an additional money per month. With this service, you can watch more than 60 live channels, including AMC, Comedy Central, Discovery, Nickelodeon, Viceland, and others. The local networks and regional sports networks aren’t included, however. Around $20 per month includes 60-plus major networks, which is still an excellent deal even if local channels and regional sports are nice.

With Spectrum’s most affordable cable TV package, TV Select, you get your local channels and regional sports networks for around $45 a month. In addition, bundled with the internet, it delivers a discount when you bundle regional sports networks. It is one of the cheapest sports packages available from any major provider. With a wide range of speeds and channels, this bundle offers you the best bang for your buck of any on our list.

  • Mediacom bundles: Access Internet 60 and Local TV

There are few providers that do not sell standalone TV packages like Mediacom services. Despite this, Mediacom’s bundle prices are comparatively low, especially for its inexpensive bundle. You can get Internet 60 and Local TV for around $30 a month.

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Adding the Local TV package to Access Internet 60 will only cost you an additional few dollars per month. It is a pretty good deal, even if it is just local channels.

With the access Internet 60 bundle, you can get 125+ channels for almost $60 a month with Essential TV. You will need to upgrade to the Variety TV package for approximately 80 bucks a month if you want to watch regional sports networks, including ESPN.

Streaming TV and Internet are not available as bundles with Mediacom, but watch out for the data cap when using Mediacom internet. Data overage is charged up to $10 per 50GB block needed to compensate for the Access Internet 60 plan’s 200GB limit. You can get up to 6TB of data with Mediacom’s fastest internet plans, but this will cost you extra per month.

  • Optimum bundles: Internet 100 and Basic TV

With Optimum, you must bundle your Internet and TV service to get TV service, so there basically is no actual “discount,” however, the bundles still remain reasonably priced. With speeds up to 100Mbps and a channel lineup including your local networks, Optimum Internet 100 and Basic TV are the cheapest internet and TV bundles, starting at around $50.

With the lowest price increases of any major provider, this option makes it very tempting to upgrade Internet or TV packages. For example, to upgrade from internet 100 to 300 you just need a few more bucks per month. If you want to upgrade from Basic TV to Optimum Core, you will have to pay a little more, almost $35 more per month, but the price is worth it. There are over 100 additional channels in the package, including regional sports channels, such as Yes Network and MSG.


There has been a huge impact on the telecommunication industry due to the internet’s effect on television. As cable TV and Internet bundles developed, companies offered promos to expand their services through the hopes of providing fast and reliable offers. In today’s media market, intense competition has resulted from this. Leading the way is a company that provides a unique bundle of cable television and internet service. 

We hope that this post is helpful in getting a cable and internet bundle that suits your needs and saves tons of money. Have you made up your mind yet? Which bundle are you planning to go with? Please let us know in the comments section below. You can also send in your questions and suggestions, and we will get back to you soon.