How to use reverse image search on android?

Reverse image search has its own benefits and most users do not have enough awareness of them.  We can go through a proper example to get more understanding.  Consider that you have downloaded an image which meets your needs but the resolution is not up to the mark. How would you locate a better copy of the image if there is one? One key point is that, the best copy of an image in terms of color resolution and quality can be attained from the original actual source. To get this copy, you would have to determine the actual source of the image. This is where you can use reverse image search and complete your requirement.

With so many alternatives of reverse image tools available on the internet, it becomes hard to choose the right one. Some of the best tools which you should take into consideration are listed below.

Reverse Image Lookup by Prepost SEO

The reverse image lookup by PrepostSEO is a credible tool with all features that users are looking for. First of all, you can use two methods to perform reverse image search. The first option is uploading the image file directly from your storage. This tool supports multiple image formats including jpeg and png. The second alternative is pasting the URL of the image.

  • As it is mentioned above, one of the main benefits of search by image andriod  is determining the actual source of image. It is important to give due credit to the actual source of the image. This helps in avoiding image plagiarism. Image creators put in endless hard work to come up with the best snapshots so they deserve to be appreciated for the effort that they put in. With Prepost SEO reverse image lookup tool, you can determine the actual source of the image.
  • A reverse lookup tool is a good option for web masters to construct backlinks. Having quality backlinks is a necessity for websites to grow and attain better business results. With the Prepost SEO reverse image lookup tool, web masters can easily construct high standard backlinks. Websites that carry a good number of quality backlinks can be trusted easily. Such websites do not take a long time to build their reputation.
  • With the reverse image lookup by Prepost SEO tool, you can get your hands on similar images as well. If you have a cat and you need to know about its feeding options, simply upload the picture of the pet through reverse image tool and all related pictures would be shown on your screen. This makes searching very easy and the user successfully gets all kinds of images he needs.
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Google Reverse Image Lookup

Google has a large repository of images and you can find snapshots for all categories. However, in some cases, users need to get to the actual image source. This is a tip to avoid plagiarism of images. Using the correct source of the image and giving due credit to the creator is the correct way to go about things. With Google reverse image lookup, the following steps have to be used.

  • It is preferable to have Chrome browser when you are using Google Reverse Image Lookup. To start with, search for the desired images on Google images. When you find out an image that suits your requirements, simply click the image by tapping on the thumbnail. After that, you need to hold the image for some time until you see the option “search for Google” on the screen. Once you click that option, all the instances of the image would be displayed on the screen. You can look at different options and even search for the actual source.
  • This reverse image lookup tool is beneficial for web masters who want to establish high standard backlinks for their websites. Backlinks help in increased SEO ranks. If you glance at the set of Google policies, you would realize that websites with a good set of backlinks have a greater chance of making it to the top ranks. Reverse image lookup is a good way to establish backlinks and improve overall reputation of the brand.
  • With Google reverse image lookup, you can know about all the appearances of a particular image. If you want to see all the websites on which a particular image has been uploaded.
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Bing Search

The use of a reverse image tool helps you in getting better copies of an image which you already have. Consider that you have downloaded an image you were looking for but the quality is not up to the mark. If an image is uploaded on multiple websites, it does not mean that every source would provide a quality copy. Along with that, at times, images are reused and uploaded without prior permission of the creator. This is not ethical. Hence, if you are looking for an image, try to get your hands on the original source.

  • The Bing search can help you in getting to the actual image source. Along with that, if you are using the reverse image feature, you can view related images in an easy way. For instance, if you have a set of shoes and you are seeking a new pair of laces, take a picture of the footwear and use the reverse image option. The search engine would show all the domains where the picture of the shoe pair has been uploaded. Along with that images which are similar to the snapshot you have would be shown to you. Thus, it can be said that reverse image search is a good alternative to locate similar images. 


Reverse image search is one of the best options to locate better image copies as well as finding out about the original source. This is actually the best way to give credit to the actual image creator and avoid image plagiarism.  If you have an image and you are seeking similar pictures, using reverse image lookup is a good alternative.