10 Ways to Grow an Organic Instagram Presence

instagram tips

Instagram is a highly saturated social media platform and the number of the user base is increasing with each passing day. According to the latest report, the daily active user count has increased from 500 million to whooping 700 million.  This has increased the target audiences for the businesses but the competition increases as well. In such times, it is very important to increase the number of followers organically rather than filling the account with the bots. So, if you want to increase the organic number of followers, use our top ten tips which we have devised for you.


If you are making a debut on Instagram but have an active and extensive user base on other platforms, you can market the Instagram profile on those platforms. Buy Instagram Followers This will help you increase the number of followers without paying anything or without adding the bolts. You can take a screenshot of your Instagram profile and add the username in the caption and ask the followers to follow up.

You can cross-promote on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even the website if you have one. Other than that, you can ask your family and friends as well!

Add Emojis

You might think that it’s a stupid idea but if your Instagram profile relates to creativity, you need to add the emoji. It is safe to say that emojis have become a language these days and every other post on Instagram has a set of emojis added. But do you know the reason people are using emojis? This is because emojis are searchable on Instagram. For instance, if you are a beauty brand, you can add the lipstick emoji in the bio to offer a clear image of the profile.

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Create Themes

People love something that has an order and if you think the Instagram audience is an exception, you are wrong. This is because when people see an order in the profile, it shows efforts and people deduce that you must be doing the same in their business offerings. So, in this section, we mean adding the relevant themes to the profile. For example, you can add the same size of the photos with the same frame to the profile and when you add posts for some time, it will start looking like an album. This will create a sense of familiarity.

Add Hashtags

We cannot stress this point enough because people seem to ignore this when it can be a game-changer. So, when you design the caption of the photo and image or the video, design the hashtags as well. However, make sure that the popular hashtags are being used and the count of hashtags must exceed 11. Hashtags will help you become recognizable in the search results because hashtags work like SEO on Instagram.

Prefer The Audience

When you want to attract the audience, you need to design the content that the audience likes, right? So, to see what your audience likes, go to the page analytics and see which posts did great in terms of the performance. See what type of content you added in the caption as well as the hashtags. Use the same types of the picture or image or the video along with same hashtags to yield high performance.

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S For S

If you are working on getting exposure on the Instagram, it is very important to make sure that people are helping you with it. The best way to gain exposure is to come in contact with the relevant people of your field. Once you find the people, start interacting with them to make good relations. Once a relationship has been established, ask them to give you a shoutout and in return, you will give them a shoutout. This will be better as it helps you reach their audience base without paying for the paid ads.


People love free things and if you have the budget; hold a giveaway and ask the audience to tag their friends in the comments. You can even ask them to make sure their friends are following you. If you have set a reward as a giveaway, you will be able to increase the number of followers for sure!

The Bio

The bio will decide if the visitor ill scroll down the profile or not. If you want the visitor to have a look at your profile by scrolling down, create an engaging bio that reflects a purpose of the page.

Add Quotes

If you have a sense of philosophy or the exposure to life, add the sensible quotes other than the business products to attract the user base.

Keep It Forward

In this tip, you can tag someone in the post caption and like them for the feedback. In addition, ask them to tag their friends and ask them to write a caption. In the end, it will create a feedback chain and increase the number of followers as well! You can also grow your youtube channel as well.