The 3 Best Oculus Game Releases in 2022


As Oculus brings a whole new experience for gaming, choosing the best games depends on what type of games you play. It certainly brings a different aspect to gaming and your choices for genres. Indeed, there are a lot of games that are in development and will be released. However, we have picked out our best 3 best Oculus Quest 2 game releases global (from the US to Japan, home of カジノシークレット) in 2022 that you will certainly like.

Moss: Book II

A mouse named Quill is the main character in this game who takes on the most wonderful adventures. Thankfully this game is getting a sequel this year. It looks like Moss Book 2 will be coming to PlayStation before it comes to PC just like the first one. Moreover, it’s brilliant to see Polyarc’s bravest rodent making a return just like the first one we’re expecting. There are more beautiful satisfying puzzles to solve and thrilling sword battles before we reach a happily ever after.

So basically, Moss Book 2 is an adventure, puzzle and fighting game available on several platforms. In this sequel, the developers have added new challenges, improved mechanics of the game, new enemies and rich environments.

Green Hell VR

It is based on the PC version of Green Hell that became a lot successful. It is an open world survival game, where the main character gets alone in the Amazon rainforest. Apparently, the person has no gear or equipment and must learn to survive and gain different skills. The game involves cutting down trees, making shelter for yourself, setting fire and surviving from the wild tribesmen.

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It is one of the first types of this game on the Oculus. Furthermore, there are various modes in the game including a story mode and a survival mode.

Among Us VR

When it was released Among Us became a viral hit. It is available on different platforms. Now, the VR version is a great new experience for players. So, in this game well you throw people under the bus, as you are put on a spaceship to do menial tasks. One person is the imposter who tries to take out the rest of the crew without being found out. It is a multi-player game, to enjoy with friends or random people around the world.

Moreover, the developers have completely redesigned the Oculus version of the game with new visuals and VR interactions. It is not only good for kids, but for all ages. Among Us fans surely need to try it!