How Social media Influences for good SEO Strategy to get optimum success

social media benefits

The rise of social media has influenced search engine optimization (SEO) in ways we never imagined. The two, while different, work hand-in-hand to propel your site. On the other hand, if it is managed incorrectly, social media can hamstring your site, even causing you to lose business. The following are our key social media tips for SEO.

1.     Analyze your content. You have a running record of the articles you have written and how they have performed. By sharing these articles socially, you’re able to determine how many times it was shared and through what sources, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and the others. Articles that have outperformed in social media should be replicated. No, the content shouldn’t be the same, but the ideas used can be employed in future articles. You have a framework or pattern to consider when reviewing your web analytics.

2.     Add images to your tweets. Twitter is nothing without updates. Those updates or tweets have the potential to be seen by thousands and in some cases millions of people. You have a better chance of getting spotted if you add an appropriate image with your caption. Twitter allows you to add up to four images per tweet, so take advantage of this feature and make it work for you.

3.     Be consistent with your content. Creating excellent content is a must. Delivering it with consistency is critically important. That means making your new content a priority, deciding what topics to cover and when to share the new information. You also need to follow certain tried and true rules. For instance, the content length should focus more on the quality than on the quantity. Nevertheless, short articles do not have the same impact of long-form articles, so aim for articles of at least 600 words. Strong headlines, relevant subheadings, along with carefully placed photos are a must. Provide information your readers find valuable. Impart details that are correct and instructive.

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4.     Manage your time wisely. Social media and SEO means you’ll be spending more time on both than you might have imagined. Time is of the essence and with not much of it to spare, it needs to be used wisely. Some people find it best to use social media services at certain times of the day and for specific amounts of time. Formulate a plan where you are most effective with the least amount of time necessary to get your work done. Monitor your results and adjust accordingly. You may find that spending too much time on Twitter and Facebook takes away from your time elsewhere.

5.     Time your topics carefully. Since evergreen content is very important to bring people to your site over the long haul, seasonal content is important too. For instance, if you own a garden shop, then mid-winter is the time to begin talking about spring plantings. In the fall, you can offer articles about autumn decor or by early November your articles can shift toward decorating for the holidays. Share this information with your readers directly as well as on the appropriate social media websites.

6.     Give social media ads a try or buy Instagram views. Each of the main social media networks offers ad options. Though you can use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for free, you can extend your reach by advertising. Work with your SEO expert to target people you may have been missing. For less than a quarter a hit, you can reach new customers or have people “like” your site. The more fans, the greater potential for reach explains

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7.     Engaging people on social media is an art form. You’ll experience the ups and downs, and may wonder if you are being successful. By staying at it for the long haul, you’ll begin to see the benefits and wonder why you weren’t involved previously.