5 Top Sites like 4chan [2019]


Sites like 4chan are comes to online discussion board where you can post images for free also some comment for image are free. 4chan are best for music and video games and many others. You can also use the 4chan without creating any account also provided with free resources and get the best stuff for free.

However, 4Chan are image board site to post anonymous pictures into many boards with content, also here I explain to best “Sites like 4chan” to post you need.  4Chan is best for discuss to anime also share images. Another best thing you can find on 4Chan is pornography. And its loose rules, any legal content is allowed to be published because that is best sites. You can check below sites like 4Chan that is very similar to this site and best.

5 Top Sites like 4chan [2019]

Sites like 4chan

1#. AllChans

AllChans are one of the best sites like 4chan also similar to 4Chan free speech. AllChans are image board directory posts new daily content found on sites like ChanPink also Nido, and many more. Also you can find image, videos and many more for this sites is very easy to do.


2#. 8Chan

8Chan are best sites like 4Chan include 8Chan. Also available huge selection of boards for you also you can post anything you want. 8Chan has comes to 400,000 posts and comments per week. 8Chan available many categories like faggot, drama, news, politics, and many more that is easy “sites like 4Chan” all time.

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3#. 420Chan

420Chan are best sites like 4Chan to post and discuss anything also you can discuss the use and care like coil building also concentrate tanks and medical studies many more. Best for you not use your real name because this is for adult section also has over 25 million posts for you.


4#. Pixoto

Pixoto are one of the best places to upload your photos and love this site found “Sites like 4Chan”. Pixoto works for you submitted images are voted by the Pixoto community members also winning pictures added to leaderboards also available hundreds of thousands of viewers you visit this sites that is easy and best sites like 4chan.


5#. Booru.org

Booru.org are comes with best web based home image boards are available in a many range of categories. Also Booru.org you able to easy search for your desired image and tag also allow to users create own images for free that is simple and top sites like 4chan all time.


Final Words

However, above mentioned all list for 5 Top Sites like 4chan and you read above article and choose best sites if you need that is best for you.