Six Top Ways to Win Your Ex Back

Ways to Win Your Ex Back

Relationships can get boring and annoying, leading to misunderstandings amongst partners. At a point, you may have felt that your partner was not deserving of you only to discover after breaking up that you made a mistake by walking away from the relationship. On the flip side, it could be your ex who left, but you still think you both can make things work better.                                                                                                                                                                                                             You certainly can’t be totally certain that your ex will return to you easily. One thing is sure though, and that is that relationships require putting in a lot of energy and patience. While you can get dating advice on Get Ex Back for Good, we will list a few steps in this article that will guide you the ways to win your ex back.

Steps to Winning Back Your Ex

The following steps will guide you into winning back our ex.

Give Them Room to Breathe

You might be wondering why you need to give the person you are trying to get back some space. But if getting back your ex is your intention, then you should consider giving them some time to breathe, think and blow off some steam. Constantly calling, sending apology texts and emails, and paying unannounced visits could make things worse for both of you. 

Things could even get uglier if you were the one who got dumped. This is because the other person wanted some space from the relationship. Therefore, you need space to think through if you truly want to continue with the relationship or you are just caught up in the rush. 

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This is a very vital step because it determines whether you will effectively carry out the other steps or not. Additionally, the space will give room for your ex to miss you as they reflect on the good times you both spent together.

Putting efforts into reading this article shows that you are certain he or she is the right one for you. You might be right as well as wrong, however, you still need some time to think through if what you both shared is worth putting more effort for.

Obey the No Contact Code

This could be the most difficult part, mostly if you both were together for a long time. Applying this principle extends to even social media platforms. It is difficult thinking about staying without speaking to someone who was with you for that long. 

You might be emotionally unstable and crave some emotional assistance from your ex. Hence, keeping a distance right now is a difficult cross to bear. As much as this rule focuses on giving your ex some room, you are allowed to still talk with your ex but without any physical contact. This will help you not to be directly reminded of your ex and it’s beneficial to both persons in the relationship.

Losing the person that you love could be very devastating but having a no contact period will provide you with the opportunity to build and live your life in their absence. Also, seeing their social media updates regularly could feel terrible. 

You can still keep them on your friend list but ensure their profile is on mute to restrict you from viewing their profile updates. But try not to lose their contact as you do not want to lose touch with them. You can visit  to know how effective the no contact rule is.

Have Fun with Family and Friends

You need to get back on track with happiness. At this point, going out with your friends and family members isn’t a bad idea. You could go to see a movie, go to the park, or even have dinner with the family. With this step, you will begin to find yourself again as well as get back to the life you used to have before your relationship happened.

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A lot of persons lose their self-esteem when they experience a breakup, which is normal. However, carrying out these fun activities will help to restore your confidence. Doing this will also assist in filling up the emptiness that could have developed from you losing your partner. 

Getting your confidence back is essential as your ex would need to meet a less thirsty and very confident person when next they meet with you. This will remind them of whom they first loved.

Discover Another Hobby

Doing what you love as well as what you are good at is another great step. It could be photography, editing, singing, dancing, or even painting. This is the best time to discover or recover those things you love doing and focus on building upon them. This is a great step towards building your confidence, putting you back in control of your well-being.

Talk With Others

Talking and getting to meet others, as well as keeping an open and successful relationship with them, can make your ex see that you are capable of keeping a proper relationship. This may seem counterintuitive, but it could also be a great step towards getting back your ex.

This will send a message to your ex that you are moving on, surprisingly, doing so without them. When they cannot also move on without you, they will return to make things better before they lose you completely.

When you both eventually get back together, try to keep it respectful, classy, and casual. Try not to do things that make you feel uncomfortable. Always remember that your happiness comes from only you.

Understand What Causes Issues in Your Relationship

Always take note of those events that cause trouble in your relationship and try to discover a possible solution to ending it. You can read this article to know how you can make new friends after a breakup.


It is important to first understand that your happiness is owned by you alone and you can decide to be happy or not. Getting back to your ex requires steps that may hurt you at first, but if properly carried out, might be very productive. In all, try to live your best, fulfilling your purpose.