Heating maintenance: Agenda for oil and gas furnaces!

Heating maintenance oil gas

If you are thinking of switching on the heating unit in your building, you must consider doing a complete fall heater maintenance Houston, TX. A complete tune-up and maintenance of the unit keep the building residents safe and healthy, and warm. You have to schedule appropriate heater tune-up services before switching on the furnace after a long time.  As leaves start to drop off from the trees and the holiday ads begin and think about using the winter coat, you should start taking steps to obtain professional heater services Houston, TX. If you delay or do not take proper maintenance action, you may face various consequences. Remember, heating maintenance of gas furnaces is not common to all. It depends upon your requirement, kind of equipment, specific requirements of the business and building and type of fuel you are utilizing. If you are signing up after a long bargain, there are fewer chances to get good services. How do you know that the heater maintenance service provider is offering all the tune-up services? Some contractors cover only a few services like dusting the heating unit, changing the filter and checking whether it functions under the furnace maintenance plan. 

If you are managing a commercial establishment, it is important to look after the building occupants’ wellness and safety. So, ensure to select the right service provider and their equipment is suitably taken care of. 

Utilize these checklists when you are beginning a conversation with a reputed and certified HVAC service provider. Check what is included in the service agreement and the tasks that are required for your unit. 

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Houston, TX Heating maintenance tips for furnaces of all types:

  • Replace or clean air filters every month or at the start of the heating months. If you are using it heavily, it is best to clean it every month.  
  • Clean ducts and substitute insulation when required.
  • Calibrate thermostats.
  • Evaluate the limit switch’s operation. It is a safety switch that turns the burner off when the furnace’s parts are very hot. Later, it closes off the boiler once the temperature drops. When the blower is functioning continuously, the specific part has to be replaced or adjusted. 
  • Clean and evaluate the status of pulleys and belts to the motor housing and blower. 
  • Sanitize the blower assembly. 

Heating maintenance tips for gas furnaces:

  • If you are suspecting leaks, you have to evaluate the integrity and status of the gas line. 
  • Evaluate the color, strength and height of the burner flames. The flames should be steady without any hint of yellow coloring. If needed, the HVAC technician would modify the flame height. 
  • Evaluate for drafts surrounding the furnace as they can affect the pilot light.
  • Evaluate the functions of the thermocouple. It is a protection control that switches off the gas when the igniter is faulty, or the pilot light moves out. 
  • Clean and evaluate electric igniter or pilot light and gas valves. 

Heating maintenance tips for oil furnaces:

  • Check the fuel tank’s volume
  • Check operation and status of pump, air tubes, oil nozzle, transformer, and electrodes 
  • Adjust and clean draft regulator
  • Grease blower motor fittings
  • Clean soot that remains on the electric eye safety control or stack switch and evaluates its functions. It is a safety unit that closes off the motor when the burner does not ignite. 
  • Check the smoke’s color when it arrives from the chimney. If the smoke color is black, it means the oil is not scorching completely. It increases pollution and wastes fuel. The technician has to make necessary adjustments to the unit controls.
  • Clean and replace pump strainer, gaskets or oil filter.
  • Because of soot accumulation, oil-burning furnaces require a lot of maintenance than gas furnaces. So, it has to be checked and cleaned a minimum of two times during the months you are using it frequently. 
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Apart from these instructions, there are a lot of steps involved in furnace maintenance. If you want to give your equipment the best service and maintain your building comfortably and safely, you have to search and hire an experienced HVAC service provider. Wrightway Comfort explains their services in writings, and thus, you can know for what you are paying. Do not fail to ask questions when you do not understand the agreement. The agreement has to be in simple and clear language. Contact Wrightway Comfort team for outstanding heater maintenance services Houston, TX.