Seo Tools List to Improve the Ranking of Your Content in 2020

seo tools

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become an integral aspect to consider by website owners. It is a way to boost traffic on their website, allowing more and more people to visit their website. Nowadays, it is an essential way of content marketing and is very prevalent. For optimization, experts have come up with various SEO tools. These tools help the website owners and content creators customize content to reach the maximum audience. There are multiple types of SEO tools that people use. Let us have a look at some of them.

Types of SEO Tools

SEO tools are technical tools and resources that analyze web content based on different criteria. After that, they provide insights on how to modify the content so that it reaches more people. Different types of SEO tools perform various functions. Some of the categories include keyword research tools, link building tools, analytics tools, local SEO tools, etc. Many of these tools are available for free on the web. Additionally, some tools are highly specialized and are available to purchase. This list provides some of the most popular SEO tools that professionals use.

Google Search Console

The popular search engine Google offers a variety of free tools and resources that are very useful for website owners. Google Search Console is one such platform. It is an SEO tool that professionals use to keep track of their website performance. This tool helps website owners in monitoring their website status on the Google search index. Webmasters, SEO professionals, and website owners get insights about website traffic, technical data, search appearance, etc. It helps the website owners in garnering more traffic to their website by improving website performance. It is one of the best SEO tools available out there.

Google Search Console provides you with a report of how your website appears on the Google search index. The report is divided into various sections. Firstly, there is an Overview of the report. Under that, you get a report on the Performance of your website. Additionally, you also get data about URL inspection.

Further, there is a section which details the Coverage of your website. Using these data, you can perform enhancements on your website to increase traffic. Therefore, this is a handy SEO tool for professionals.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is one of the most popular SEO tools that professionals use. It is remarkably effective in providing data about searches that people frequently perform. It is a keyword SEO tool. This means that Answer The Public gives an idea of what content people are looking for. This SEO tool displays the search questions along with their suggested autocomplete sentences. This data provides website owners and SEO professionals an idea of the topics that people search for. Thus, they can now use those keywords to create content that caters to the searches made by people.

SEO professionals can be savvy while using Answer The Public. Firstly, they can make a note of the most popular searches. Secondly, they can pick out the keywords that users wrote. Finally, they can create content that includes the keywords as well as the answers to those keywords. Thus, Answer The Public is one of the SEO tools that helps in providing content to the SEO professionals.

Screaming Frog

There are various categories of SEO tools available in the market. Screaming Frog is one of the SEO Spider Tools. SEO Spider Tool is a crawler tool that analyzes webpages and gives inputs regarding it. The crawler tool highlights the various issues on the websites. This helps the website owners and SEO professionals resolve those issues. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool can look for broken links, discover duplicate content, analyze page titles, and much more. By providing real-time analysis of the website, Screaming Frog allows for the optimization of the website.

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Screaming Frog can crawl up to 500 URLS for free. However, you can also purchase a licensed version if you wish to do so. This tool deserves a spot on the list of top SEO tools.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

Google is famous for coming up with ingenious resources, and Mobile-Friendly Test is proof of that! Nowadays, most people access the web on their smartphones. Very rarely do people turn to their laptops if they want to browse the internet quickly. Using the web on mobile phones is quick, convenient, and comfortable. However, some of the websites are not mobile-friendly in their design. This is where Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test comes to the rescue! It has rapidly become one of the most commonly used SEO tools.

Mobile-Friendly Test helps the website owners in getting an idea of issues relating to accessibility on mobile phones. Once you enter your website URL, this tool does a quick scan and highlights the relevant issues. There are different types of problems here like small font size, incompatible plug-ins, dimension issues, etc. Accordingly, you can make changes to your website to fix these issues. Thus, your website will become mobile-friendly and easy to access. Mobile accessibility SEO tools are essential and necessary for the current times.


Some SEO tools provide insights into the latest trends in content marketing. Ubersuggest is one such brilliant tool. This SEO tool gives us information about our competitor’s content marketing strategy. Using this information, we can modify and improve our strategies. Additionally, it provides keyword suggestions that are trending. Thus, you can easily create content using the most popular keywords. It is a great tool that reviews market trends and allows you to adopt winning strategies accordingly.

The unique feature of this SEO tool is that it gives valuable insights into the competition. Content marketing is a highly competitive field. Thus, you need to research what the top creators are doing and adapt their approach. Ubersuggest gives you an overview of your competitor’s web presence. This makes it unique among all the SEO tools.

Link Explorer

This is a technical SEO tool that professionals use to check website links. Link explorer determines whether the links on the website are functional or not. This tool provides you a profile of your website’s backlink. In this profile, you can get data on various aspects like traffic on each page, referring domains, and other useful statistics. It shows you the new, lost, and broken backlinks. Thus, you can improve your website pages based on this information. You can also see the traffic trends on your website over time.

Therefore, link explorer gives you a picture of the growth and decline of your site over time. Moreover, it provides backlink details of each page on your site. It is somewhat tricky to understand, as it is a technical tool. However, over time, you can grasp the concepts and learn how to increase traffic on your website. Thus, it is one of the more technical SEO tools of the lot. As with most other SEO tools, you can initially use link explorer for free. But after a specific limit, you need to purchase the tool.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is a very user-friendly resource. As a result, it is immensely popular with professionals. It offers a host of SEO tools, all within a single platform. The different tools include text content tools, image editing tools, keywords tools, backlink tools, website management, and tracking tools, etc. Plagiarism checker, grammar check, and word counter are essential text content tools. Image compression and reverse image search are two popular image editing tools. Keywords density checker, keyword competition analysis, keywords suggestions tool, and related keywords finder are some of the most critical keywords tools available on Small SEO Tools.

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Further, there are more complex and advanced tools for websites. A host of backlink tools helps to analyze the links on a website. Website SEO score checker, Google PageRank checker, mobile-friendly test, etc. are some website management tools. Additionally, there are other tools like password management tools, PDF tools, domain tools, proxy tools, etc. Therefore, Small SEO Tools is a comprehensive platform that provides a wide range of resources. Best of all, the tools are available for free! Thus, it is an excellent platform to utilize multiple SEO tools.

Rank Math

Rank Math is a gem of a resource for WordPress users! It is a free SEO plug-in that has many latest features. Rank Math analyzes your content and provides built-in suggestions for it. It is easy, quick, and efficient. It scans your content for 15 commonly identified factors. Additionally, it also offers suggestions to fix those issues. Rank Math has rapidly become popular, surpassing its counterparts. Another attractive feature is that you can easily import your website content from other plug-ins. It is a praiseworthy plug-in that provides SEO tools for free. People prefer it overpaid SEO plug-ins.

Local Search Results Checker

As the name suggests, the Local Search Results Checker is a tool that gives you search results made locally. This means you can get an idea of the search results produced by people in a particular area. You can put in details like country, locality, and postal code to determine the search results within that region. Based on this, you can target your content to reach maximum people. Thus, this SEO tool helps you to optimize your content based on geographical location. It features on our list of SEO tools due to this unique optimization criteria. is different from all the other SEO tools on this list. This platform aims to facilitate networking and connections amongst businesses. This tool provides you with email addresses of a particular domain. Thus, you can get a hold of relevant contacts in your business circle and expand your business. If you are interested in getting the email addresses of employees of a particular company, this tool is for you. It also verifies the email addresses for you. Thus, you can find various email addresses and also verify them. has a vast database and promotes data transparency. Thus, it is appealing for people who are looking to make genuine business connections. Additionally, the resource is available for free up to a specific limit. Beyond that limit, you need to purchase a package to make use of the services. As it enables online expansion and marketing of ventures, it is a part of the SEO tools list.


SERPSim is a tool that gives you a preview of how your page will look on Google. Once you provide details of your website, the tool provides an idea of how it will appear in search results. You can enter details like the URL of the site, the title, and meta description. Based on this information, SERPSim gives insight into how you can optimize these aspects. SEO tools like these usually tell you if your titles are too wordy or too concise. By fixing these issues, you can improve how your website appears in the Google search results.

Google My Business

Google My Business is another venture of Google that is a valuable resource for business organizations’ online marketing. It is a free-to-use platform and, thus, easily accessible to everyone. Using Google My Business, businesses can maintain and promote their online image. They can provide information about their business, interact with customers, and develop new ventures. Thus, it is a great platform where people can quickly put up online content to market their business. It has a user-friendly interface and is convenient to use. All these features make it a noteworthy addition to the list of SEO tools.

The above list gives you an idea of the necessary SEO tools that professionals use. Different SEO tools perform various functions. Some of these tools are completely free. However, others provide a certain amount of free trials. Consequently, you will have to purchase them for further use. SEO tools make content marketing easy and efficient.