3 Critical Tips For Growing Cannabis From Seed

growing cannabis from seed

Marijuana legalization is sweeping the country, and the legal cannabis industry is surpassing more than $13 billion in value. Whether you’re growing for medical or legal recreational use, there hasn’t been a better time to start growing cannabis from seed.

Today, there are more tips and products on the market for cannabis cultivation. You can grow cannabis right in your backyard or even indoors. You could also set up a greenhouse to grow multiple strains.

More cannabis growers are moving into the CBD industry, as cannabinoids are mainstreamed into the holistic pain relief market.

If you’re new to growing cannabis, start with this quick and easy guide to cannabis cultivation.

Growing Cannabis from Seed Outdoors

If all the weather and soil conditions align, your backyard may be the perfect host for cannabis plants. Fortunately, these plants can adapt to a variety of outdoor environments.

Make sure your plants have the following conditions:

  • Plenty of direct sunlight
  • Steady weather patterns
  • Light and consistent breeze (not wind!)
  • A private place to grow (away from your street)

Temperature consistency is also vital for healthy cannabis growth. Your plants won’t survive in temperatures below 55 degrees; however, they’ll perish under temperatures over 86 degrees Fahrenheit. These constraints are one reason why places like Humboldt are ideal for growing cannabis.

Don’t grow your plants in areas that experience extreme weather, like hurricanes and floods. If you’re serious about growing outdoors, you may have to move or purchase land considerably far from your current home.

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How to Grow Cannabis Indoors

Your next option is indoor growing. This option is a popular choice for individuals who want to grow a small amount of medical or legal cannabis for themselves; however, you can use this method for your commercial efforts.

Indoor growing requires more cannabis growing supplies, so you may end up paying more for indoor cultivation than outdoor.

First, you’ll need to designate a space in your home to grow. A large walk-in closet works well. A guest room can host even more plants. Some home growers even use their cabinets.

Pick an area in your home that’s naturally dry and receives fresh air. Too much humidity can disturb growing conditions; plus, you need a clean, dry, and sanitized place for growing your plants.

Since these plants need plenty of light to grow, invest in high-quality grow lights. Lighting helps determine how many buds you can grow. Consider growing lights like HID, fluorescent lights, induction lamps, and LEDs.

Hydroponic Cannabis Growing

One of the most popular methods of cannabis cultivation is hydroponic growing.

Hydroponic grow systems don’t require soil. These systems use water and nutrients to grow plants indoors. You would need to buy a special nutrient-packed solution for your plants.

There are different ways to improve your plants. For example, if you’re using a Grobo hydroponic grow box, maintain your plants and use a reverse osmosis water system to increase grobo yield.

Start Cultivating!

Your next step is to grow your favorite strains outdoors (or indoors!) Refer to this guide as you start growing cannabis from seed.

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These ideas are just the beginning of your new hobby or business. Visit the blog to discover even more life hacks and business tips you can use.