Blogging Tips For SEO


Blogging for SEO is a relatively new technique which goal is to build blogs, small blogs, to make the big website or blog rank higher on search engines, especially Google, using the power of links. Small blogs will boost SEO and will also generate revenue on their own using Google Adsense and because there is no need to pay anything to start a free blog, you can start a couple of them and link them all to the main business website or blog.

To get the maximum benefit of small blogs for SEO you need to:

  1. Create several small blogs using Blogger. Blogger is better than WordPress because of dynamic templates which make the blog load nearly instantly and because you can make money with these blogs for free without even have to buy a domain.
  2. Write new content every week. That content must be 100% unique and original. Forget about copy & paste and forget about rewriting articles. Google is pretty good at spotting such articles and removing them from the index.
  3. Add the RSS widget to each of these small blogs to get new posts from the main blog that you want to benefit from the improved SEO. RSS links are better than normal links and count just as much as the normal link does with the advantage of getting new content in real-time as soon as it is published on the main blog, preventing link blindness with new automatic content.
  4. Share that blog on social networks to start to get new traffic. Facebook is the king of traffic for new blogs so use it well. Post to your wall and to popular groups.
  5. Use Fiverr to get your small blogs shared and bookmarked on 500 different websites. Fiverr has thousands of small jobs for a fraction of the price that it would normally cost. You can get your small blogs bookmarked for just 5$ each and the amount of traffic they will get from such action will immediately payoff with Google Adsense or another advertising network.
  6. Add a link after each post on the private blog network to send people back to the big blog and to show Google that your main blog is able to get links from all posts. A signature after each post, just like Ezine Articles does is the perfect way to get it done.
  7. Do not start 100 small blogs expecting to boost your main blog SEO. Instead, start about 3-5 small high-quality blogs that manage to get indexed by Google. If they are not indexed because of lack of content and incoming links, they will not pass Page Rank.
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Building blogs for SEO is fun and profitable. Not only these blogs will boost the SEO for the main blog, they will also attract search engine traffic and make money with advertising networks. It is the same as killing two birds with just one stone. Just remember to keep all your blogs updated with free new content and Google will love them.