Sanchita Basu Wiki, Bio, Life Details & Much More!

There are many people who have gained their fame through TikTok and Smack Videos. Haven’t they? But some just got the popularity more than the other people. Having started with fun but now earning through it! Definitely, no one thought about it. But this has happened. And among these popular stars, who came to notice more, was Sanchita Basu. She is from Bihar, and she started to make these TikTok videos as well as Smack videos out of boredom. But luck has something else in her favor.

In this blog, you will get to know everything about her. Whatever information you have been looking for or the doubts you have will be answered. So, keep scrolling through the blog to find out your answers!

sanchita basu
Sanchita Basu

Where is Sanchita Basu from?

The girl who became popular had never thought this would have happened. But people did like her stories and started enjoying watching her. But where is this young lady from?

Sanchita Basu, your TikTok star as well as Smack video maker, is from Bihar. You must have heard of the name of the district Bhagalpur. She comes from the place, and due to privacy reasons, the exact location of Sanchita Basu will never be disclosed.

What is Sanchita Basu’s age?

The young girl from Bhagalpur, Bihar, has got quite the fame now thinking of her age, you might be in doubt. But to your surprise, here’s her age revealed.

Sanchita Basu was just an ordinary girl when she started Tiktok and Snack videos. But back when she started, she was just the age of 17. And still now, at the age of 19, she continues making the video.

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Sanchita Basu, whom you know as your star, was born in the year 2003. She has been celebrating her birthday every year on the 23rd of March.

Sanchita Basu Qualifications

For someone, who has been popular with TikTok and Snack videos, she is still young. But back when she started, she just gave Class 10 board exams. As far as known about her educational qualifications, she completed her class 12 as well this year.

Nothing is known about her pursuing graduation or not. But that soon will be revealed. Although, it is known that Sanchita Basu completed her classes 10 as well as 12 from the same school in Bhagalpur. According to sources, Sanchita Basu goes to Mount Caramel School of Bhagalpur, which is affiliated with CBSE.

sanchita basu

About Sanchita Basu’s Family

Sanchita has grown up in a nuclear family. She has been raised by both of her parents. And has led a very happy familiar life. Not only her family includes her parents, but Sanchita Basu has three siblings; among them is a younger brother and two sisters.

Sanchita’s parents are Birendra Basu and Bina Basu. As far as known, Sanchita’s father, Birendra Basu, is a well-known politician in Bhagalpur. At the same time, Sanchita Basu’s mother is known to be a homemaker. Nothing is known about the names or qualifications of the siblings.

Though, through some research, different surnames have been found for Sanchita Basu’s parents. Their names have been referred to as Birendra Yadav and Bina Ray. It is not sure which one of the surnames is used by Sanchita Basu’s parents. But for your convenience. Both the known names have been given.

Sanchita Basu’s Career

Having started as a TikTok star, Sanchita Basu never thought she would gain popularity. But tables did turn. It has come to be that soon Sanchita’s fans will get to see her in a South Indian movie. However, it is not very confirmed news. Sanchita herself has not spoken about it.

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Sanchita has always been a fan of acting and dancing, and that is how she started with the TikTok videos. She never stopped her passion and kept it going on. That is how her career launched. She has been continuing TikTok and Snack videos till now as a part of her career.

How much does Sanchita Basu earn?

Though many know of Sanchita Basu’s career, nothing is known about her salary. She must be earning lakhs, but no estimation has been made so far. Not only does she earn from TikTok and Snack videos, but she also gets sponsorships and paid advertisements. So, she does not have a single source of income.

sanchita basu

What is Sanchita Basu’s Net Worth?

She has been earning quite good through online as well as acting. Her net worth will definitely go on increasing in the future. But for now, as far as known about Sanchita Basu, her net worth is around 2 to 3 crores. If she is to star in a South Indian movie, her net worth is going to be more than what has been estimated.

Does Sanchita Basu have any boyfriends?

Sanchita Basu is known to have just completed her schooling. She is still too young to be dating anyone or having anyone in her life. As per her, she is going to complete her graduation and pursue her career first. Her priorities are set, and nothing can be in between them. So, we are hoping not to see any man in her life anytime soon.

Final Thoughts

There is always a lot more to know about a person. Sanchita Basu felt like an open book. But sure, she has put a line between her private and public life. She has revealed many things, but what is needed to be hidden, she has done that.

Hope she keeps on achieving success in the future. Her fans must be waiting eagerly for her movie release. Hopefully, you got the information that you have been looking for. Also, share this blog with those who have been looking forward to learning about Sanchita Basu!