Even More Dota 2 Tournaments Are Coming During Lockdown

Dota 2 Tournaments

Some fear-mongers have suggested that Dota 2 Tournaments competitive community would suffer during the lockdown. Well, there is nothing to even remotely hint at that and, as it turns out, the string of events that are coming down the pipeline will continue to hold true. One way to gauge engagement is to have a quick look at  where loyalist fans keep flocking in for a chance to place a bet on their favorite team.

With tons of events coming up, it’s no surprise that the Dota 2 Tournaments betting community is also surging on this new-found popularity. Players now have a chance to choose and pick from dozens of high-profile events coming down the pipeline, which will all offer a great opportunity to place a wager.

Prize Pools Continue to Improve During Lockdown

While you may think that the lack of merchandise and ticket sales has hurt Dota 2, a fair surmise to make as a matter of fact, that is not quite the case. Yes, the Dota Pro Circuit has suffered a setback, but that is what it really is, a setback.

Now, if you are looking to change things around, you don’t have to worry because Dota 2 prize pools are on the up-and-up, and they don’t seem to be quite ready to stop just yet. In other words, you may expect just the type of active Dota 2 Tournaments community that drives the game forward and it has.

The International’s prize pool is already breaking all reasonable records with over $41 million contributed to what is the most massive single-event reward. Yes, Epic Games are trying to catch up and are splurging a lot of cash, but they don’t quite have the same model.

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Small Event Organizers to the Rescue

While you may not have looked and dwelled at some smaller organizers in the past, they are incredibly important now, as they make sure that the community has tons of events to choose and pick from.

Dota 2 Tournaments began carried on the back of loyalist fans and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet. In fact, tournaments in the future may lie chiefly within independent third-party organizations. 

We have all seen how WePlay became one of the most popular esports hosts even though they weren’t too well known before. It’s all there and fan infrastructure is bound to drive results.