Sadie Crowell Age, Biography, Early Life, and Net Worth 2024

Sadie Crowell age

Sadie Crowell, the famous social media personality, has gained fame at an early age. Seeing her growth, her fans are wondering about Sadie Crowell age. Well, she is only 20 years old. Her recognition was on the surface from long back. 

Not only the age of Sadie, but also her fame, her ladder of fame, her earnings, net worth, etc, all puts us in questions. If you are on the same page with us, please continue reading. 


Full Name Sadie Crowell
Age 20
Gender  Female
Profession Youtuber, social media influencer, content creator
Birth place C*mming, Georgia, United States of America 
Nationality  American
Religion Christian 
Sexuality Straight
Height 5 feet 6 inches 
Weight 49
Body measurements  36-37-42
Relationship status Single
Zodiac sign  Leo
Siblings  2
Net worth  $100,000

Who Is Sadie Crowell? 

Sadie Crowell is known to be a content creator, Youtuber, and of course, a social media personality. Her contents and blogs in her Youtube channel has created a hype in the United States, that’s why she got this recognition. You see the hype because this girl actually creates entertaining contents that are worth watching, like travelling, makeup ideas, or a day with friends and family. Crowell also has a big fan following on Instagram and Tiktok. Well, her Instagram account is attracting followers not only because of her entertaining videos, but also for her elegant photos.

What Is Sadie Crowell Age?

Crowell was born on August 23, 2003, and she even celebrates her birthday every year on this date. So now, in 2024, she will be 20 years old. No doubt, she got recognition from the public at a very young age.

What Is Sadie Crowell Net Worth?

It’s true that Sadie Crowell or any person’s net worth is going to vary depending on his earning and assets. There is no clear information about Sadie’s assets, but her earnings. She earns around $80k in a year alone from her YouTube channel. Besides, she is involved with merchandise sales and paid promotions. Then her expenses also play a role in her net worth. This all makes her net worth around $100,000.

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Sadie Crowell is from C*mming, Georgia, United States; she was born there and she still lives there with her family. In her family, she has her mother, Kelley, her father, Lester, and her two younger brothers. Sadie is the eldest child, her first younger brother is Wyatt, and her second younger brother is Cooper. You will see each and every member of her family in some of her videos as she likes to feature her family on her content often.

For instance, there is a video that Sadie uploaded calling her mother as “Moomy,” her father as “Duddy.” Then she also gives her brothers certain roles to make her contents more engaging.

Anyway, Sadie Crowell graduated from West Forsyth High School. She and her family’s ethnicity is white, and they belong to the Christian religion. 


Sadie started her career as a content career. She opened her YouTube channel in 2008. Initially, she wasn’t active on her channel that much. But day passed, and she started giving hype to her viewers. This girl managed to get over 928000 subscribers on her Youtube channel shortly. You will see most of her videos on Youtube, are based on challenges, vlogs, lifestyle, and Q&A.

Like any other celebrities, Sadie also created her own podcast in October of 2021. There, she shares about her life experiences and often posts comedy videos too.

As said before, Sadie Crowell is not only a renowned face in YouTube, but also in Tiktok and Instagram. In tiktok and Instagram, she has more than 500k followers individually. Her Instagram posts are mostly of Sadie wearing bikinis and other stylish clothes. Her clothing sense is one of the reasons for her to get popularity on Instagram. Then her Tik Tok account is also a means for her growth. There, she posts videos of dancing, challenges, and lip-sync shots.

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One thing we didn’t mention yet is Sadie’s clothing line which she established on her name. All of her photos in Instagram cover stylish clothes, so it’s no surprise that she can have a clothing line too. 

Personal life 

Right now, Sadie Crowell is single, but once there was a rumour that she dated Baylem Levine. Baylem is also a Youtuber himself. It would be false to say it is a rumour. Sadie in fact, left her fans in assumption. She posted a photo with Baylem in 2021 where they both were kissing each other. Anyone seeing that post would wonder if they are dating. Crowell’s fans later on got cleared by seeing the post where Crowell was wishing Baylem Happy Birthday casually. And Sadie also made it clear in public that she did a prank; she made a fake boyfriend to Baylem internet fake boyfriend for a while.

Frequently Asked Questions On Sadie Crowell Age

What is Sadie Crowell age in 2024?

As sadie was born in August of 2003, so in June of 2024, she will be 20 years old.

What is Sadie Crowell’s zodiac sign

Crowell was born on August 23. Based on this date, her zodiac sign is Leo.

Who is Sadie Crowell dating?

Sadie’s relationship status is single right now. But once the public assumed that she was dating Baylem Levine which was not true.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about Sadie Crowell age, biography, net worth, etc. Sadie Crowell’s main reason to have a popularity is her engaging contents she posts in her YouTube channel. This gave her footsteps to reach the audience in a click. After coming into recognition, she is exploring more, like opting for brand promotion, opening a clothing line, and so on. At the age of 20 years, she has gained a handsome amount. Hopefully, she will do more in her upcoming life.