Griffin Santopietro Net Worth, Biography, Early Life 2024

Griffin Santopietro Net Worth

After seeing Griffin Santopietro in Cobra Kai, people are wanting to know more about him. And why not? He gave such an amazing performance as Anthony LaRusso there. But the most hype comes hearing about his age. Griffin Santopietro is only 19 years old. Meanwhile, he has been appearing on television since 2016.

I think it would be more interesting to know how his young actor managed to get popularity in a short time. Also, we are going to discuss about his biography, net worth, and many more. Stay tuned.

Full Name Griffin Santopietro 
Age  19 years
Gender Male
Nationality  American
Birth place Maine, United States of America 
Religion Christian 
Profession   Actor 
Sexuality Straight
Father’s name John Santopietro 
Mother’s name Kathy Santopietro
Siblings  2
Height 5 feet 4 inches 
Weight  55 kilograms 
School Stella Adler Studio
Ethnicity  White
Relationship status Single 
Zodiac sign Capricorn 
Net worth $2 million


Who Is Griffin Santopietro?

Griffin Santopietro is an American actor who got recognition in the television industry at an early age. He started gaining fame since he shot for his first movie Homicide Hunter, which was released in 2016. But most people know him for playing the role of Anthony LaRusso in “Cobra Kai.” It is a Netflix series which was a great hit from 2018 to 2022. 

Anyway, Griffin Santopietro is now emerging more into the big screen. All credit goes to his dedication that he has been holding since a long time.

What Is Griffin Santopietro Net Worth?

Well, it’s hard to say the exact net worth of any celebrity. But we can give you an estimated value that Griffin is possessing, i.e. around $1 million to $2 million. Like any other celebrities, Griffin is also involved in brand partnerships and endorsements. So he must be having an up and down value that we estimated. Besides, his house, cars, gadgets, expenses, liabilities, etc, also play a huge role in his net worth. 

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Since Griffin is giving us back to back hit shows every year, his audience are expecting a higher net worth of him in the upcoming year.

What Is Griffin Santopietro Age?

Santopietro was born in January of 2005. So now, in June of 2024, his age will be 19 years. Meanwhile, he has been appearing on the big screen since 2016. It’s evident that this young boy has achieved a lot of fame at a very young age.

What Is Griffin Santopietro Weight? 

Griffin’s weight is 55 kilograms. And if we calculate in pounds, it’s going to be 121 approximately. 

Early Life

Griffin Santopietro was born on January 5, 2005, in Portland, Maine, United States of America. His mother’s name is Kathy Santopietro, and his fathers name is John Santopietro. Griffin’s little family consists of him, his mother, his father, and his two brothers. Although he was born in Portland, he grew up and is still residing in Connecticut, United States of America. They all belong to the white ethnicity, and their nationality is American. 

Santopietro graduated from Stella Adler Studio School. That’s the time when he used to practise acting and performed in theatres. Well, one of his brothers, Max, is a popular singer. We can clearly see that everyone in his family cherishes art a lot.


Griffin Santopietro’s career started when he appeared on Homicide Hunter, a TV series, playing the role of Scott Brantner. Although he has been interested in acting since his childhood. As per reports, Griffin used to practise acting when he was too little. In fact, he used to perform in theatres for small shows. Perhaps his passion and interest for acting paid him off.

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Anyway, Griffin also worked on many other films too. His second role was Jeddy in the movie, “The Week Of,” which was released in 2018. Then he worked in “The Rack Pack” as Tommy in 2018. In the next year, he performed in two roles. One is Young Fan in “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and the other is James Donovon in “Bull.” In 2020, he acted in a TV show, “Soft,” as Maz, and in 2021, he acted back to back for two shows. They are “The Badass Babes of Entertainment” and “New Amsterdam.”

2022 is the year when Griffin gained a huge popularity for his role, Anthony LaRusso in “Cobra Kai.” In the same year, he did more two shows, e.g. “I’m Not Gay” and “Terrifier 2.” Then, in 2023, he played the role of Carey in “I’m Not Gay: Musical.” Currently, he is working in a show, named “Turning” as Tom.

Personal Life 

Griffin Santopietro has not disclosed much about her personal life to the media. Besides, there is no firm report that he has or had a girlfriend. So we can say that Griffin is single right now. Also, he mentioned in many interviews that he wants to focus on his career right now.

Frequently Asked Questions On Griffin Santopietro 

What is Griffin Santopietro’s height 

Santopietro’s height is 5 feet 4 inches, and in centimetres, it is 162.

What is Griffin Santopietro’s zodiac sign? 

Griffin was born on January 5. Based on this date, his zodiac sign will be Capricorn.

What is Griffin Santopietro famous for?

Griffin gave back to back 13 shows and movies combinedly. However, people know him best for “Cobra Kai” as Anthony LaRusso.

Who is Griffin Santopietro’s girlfriend? 

Griffin is currently single, and seeing no girl; so he has no girlfriend. 

Final Thoughts 

So this was all about Griffin Santopietro, his biography, net worth, personal life, etc. Griffin used to perform in theatres when he was a kid. Then at the age of 11, he appeared on the big screen, which was about 2016. And since then, he is giving back to back hits to his audience. I think his TV series, “Cobra Kai,” is the most memorable to us. No wonder, this young talent is going to entertain us more in the near future.