Roux Lopez Age, Early Life, and Biography

Roux Lopez age

If you are a fan of Seth Rollins or Becky Lynch, you must have seen their picture of carrying a baby. They posted it shortly after Becky delivered their baby, and that is none other than Roux Lopez. Becky and Seth were eagerly waiting for this angel to come to this world, and they celebrated and made lots of preparations for it. And finally, she came, and they named her Roux.

Now Seth and Becky’s fans are excited to know about Roux. What’s her lifestyle, her wealth, her future plans, and so on. We will discuss all that in this article.

Who Is Roux Lopez?

We all may not know Roux Lopez, but we know her parents for sure. Well, her parents are the WWE superstars, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch. Roux Lopez came to this world on December 4, 2020.

It’s not been much time since this little girl was born, maybe that’s why everyone of us may not know her. However, Seth and Becky’s fans must have known about Roux’s existence. Since we heard about their baby, the media has been eagerly waiting for Roux’s appearance. Although she is too young to face the media, she enjoys her childhood like any normal child does.

Roux Lopez Age

Roux Lopez is just 3 years old. She was born on December 4, 2020.

What Is Roux Lopez’s Net Worth?

We predict the net worth of those persons who have an earning source. Meanwhile, Roux Lopez is just 3 years old. It’s impossible that she will earn and show us her net worth. But yes, she does own what her parents have. In short, Becky and Seth’s net worth are indirectly Roux net worth, but that’s also vague to say.

Roux Lopez

Anyway, the two WWE superstars, Becky and Seth are putting high amounts on Roux’s needs and entertainment. Besides, they are saving a substantial portion of Roux’s wealth as her assets. They are going to use all this wealth on her upbringing and easy lifestyle. 

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Early Life

Roux Lopez, the daughter of Seth Rollins nd Becky Lynch, was born in December 4, 2020. Her birthplace is Iowa, United States. 

It’s obvious that Roux Lopez was born with a silver spoon since both her father and mother are WWE icons. Besides, their fans will obviously cherish Roux as well. 

This cute little girl attracts fame, but at the same time she also faces reality. Her surroundings do give her both quietness and laughter. Then she also gets the extraordinary and ordinary days in her life, but most of her days go with normalcy. 

Roux is too little to handle the paparazzi and public attention. So her parents, Seth Rolins and Becky Lynch handles her personal life and her media appearences. One thing that’s evident is Roux does enjoy her childhood and will enjoy her youth as well.


We know, Roux Lopex is the awaited angel of Becky and Seth. Yet, it won’t be a waste of time if we say it clearly. Roux Lopez’s mother’s name is Rebecca Quin, whom we know as Becky Lynch too, and her father’s name is Seth Rollins. They both are WWE superstars. She is the only child of them, she doesn’t have any brother or sister. Maybe that’s why she gets all the love from her family alone. 

Lopez age

Roux is not only a loving child to her.mother and father, but also to her grandparents, uncles, aunts, and other relatives. Her rich and influential family leaves no stone unturned to fabricate Roux’s life with a nurturing and caring environment. They all make sure that her upbringing does not exclude humility, proper parenting, and better social life.


As said before, Roux Lopez is too young to have a personal life. Her mother, father, and her family are her life. As she is three years old now, Seth and Becky’s fans might wonder whether Roux has stepped into the threshold of her education. Well, no. Roux hasn’t started with her formal education yet, but soon she will. Seth and Becky have plans for Roux’s life and future for sure. But right now, they are focusing on her upbringing, health, needs, and so on. Meanwhile, they are also trying to make a balance of Roux’s life to showcase in the media and personally. 

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As per some sources, Seth and Becky are ensuring the right institution, tutor, and social skills for their baby.


As said before, Roux Lopez is at the entrance of her educational life. So it’s hard to say about her career. Well, one thing we can assume is, she might go on the footsteps of her parents. It means, Roux might join the WWE world, be it by getting motivation from her parents or the eagerness to inherit. She will everyday see the success of Becky and Seth, so this won’t be surprising if she wants to thrive for the same success.

Now, Seth and Becky are not much concerned about Roux’s career. They are focusing more on her needs, and trying to give her that space of nurture. Also, they will see her abilities and skills when Roux will grow up. Based on that, Roux and her parents can decide an effective career path for her.

Frequently Asked Questions On Roux Lopez 

What is Roux Lopez’s ethnicity? 

Lopez’s mother, Becky Lynch, belongs to Ireland. So Roux got that Irish roots from her mother. Then her father, Seth Rollins, belongs to America. So we can consider Roux both Irish and American.

What hobbies do Roux Lopez like?

Roux does lots of activities in her free time. Like drawing, listening to music, playing with toys, dress-up, stuffed animals, and many more.

When did Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins tied their knot?

The WWE superstars, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins got married in June 29, 2021.

Final Thoughts

So this was all about Roux Lopez, her lifestyle, family, future plans, wealth, and so on. During the month of December, after some days of Roux’s birth, Seth and Becky shared this good news with everyone. Since then, their fans can’t wait to capture Roux and know about her. 

If you are a WWE fan like me, you must be checking on Bevky Lynch, Seth Rollins, and their daughter Roux Lopez. There are more information to transpire about them, especially this little baby.