7 Poses That Will Make Your Instagram Photos Look Amazing

7 Poses That Will Make Your Instagram Photos Look Amazing

We use our social media profiles every day and they have become a big part of our lives. Instagram is currently the biggest picture sharing platform and many of the users create an incredible picture and gain many followers. However, others do seem to struggle with posing for a picture and as a result of that their profiles look dull and not recognizable.

There are many different tactics you can use to enhance your photo such as effects, cropping methods, colors, but if the pose is wrong, the cheap canvas prints picture cannot be repaired. Usually, we see a lot of celebrities that look amazing in all the photos, but we all know that is not real life and they use different posing methods and effect to get to that.

That is why in this article we will go through some of the best poses that you should use for your next Instagram photo.

1. One Foot Forward

One Foot Forward

Image Credit: Andrew Downing Media

It is a very simple pose and yet very effective. Try to put one leg forward by gently touching the ground with your toes. This will make you look taller by elongating your legs. This pose also gives your body a natural curve and the picture has movement in it so it looks great.

2. Movement Pose

Movement Pose

Image Credit: Jenna Glinski

It is very important that your pictures are vibrant and happy infused with a lot of movement. A lot of women take standing photos from distance which does not look very appealing. However, taking a movement shot can be tricky: even professional photographers need the best gear to do it, for example to catch the photo finish moments of horse races, like the Breeders Cup classic.

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Still, you do not need any drastic action to get the perfect shot, it is okay if your movement is natural as you usually move in real life. You can flick your head to the left or right while gently touching your hair.

3. Sit Down

Sit Down

Photo Credit: Anvy Avenue

There are a lot of poses that you can do while sitting. So it is a good idea to get comfy and take a seat. However, sitting down on chair will make you look stiff and awkward, so try picking an interesting place like stairs, bench, on the ground or etc. Take pictures with your legs crossed or one leg crossed other outstretched while sitting.

4. Take wide shot

Take wide shot

Image Credit: Helene In Between

This is something celebrities do a lot. When you are in an interesting place and you want to get it into the shot, it is best if you step back and position yourself into the center of the image. It is good if you wear a striking color outfit, just so you can highlight yourself. This will make your image catch the attention of everybody browsing in their news feed.

5. Looking Back

Looking Back

This “natural” looking back can be very interesting when it comes to photo creation. A gentle turn with your head to the camera, while your body is facing straight, is a pose that is fun and shows a lot of your body proportions. Try to do it naturally as possible (don’t forget one leg forward or crossed), just because if you force it too much with posing you can end up looking deformed and not right.

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6. Show the Back of Your Head

Show the Back of Your Head

Photo Credit: Helene In Between

This is also a very popular pose for Instagram. Your whole body is faced the wrong way from the camera as you are mysteriously browsing something interesting in the distance. It is perfect when you are on some event, overlooking the action. This pose will add depth to the image as well as highlight your hair from the back, which is hard to pull off at a straight shot.

7. Master Your Mirror Selfie

Master Your Mirror Selfie

Photo Credit: Annabele Rossy

This is one of the most common poses we see on Instagram. It is also one of the easiest poses that you have to do to look incredible. There are different versions from the mirror selfie, such as your whole body, cropped head highlighting your outfit or sit down in front of the mirror.

These are some of the poses that you might use to make your Instagram look perfect. There are a lot of different methods you can use to enrichen your profile. Just remember to stay creative with your photos and highlight the best parts of your body.