How to Use Microphone Technology to Improve User Performance

Microphone Technology to Improve User Performance

Modern smartphones are undoubtedly powerful pocket computers that can do a lot. Being able to check email on the go once was the most incredible feat for a mobile device. But today, the possibilities of smartphones seem limitless. We use them to play, edit photos and videos, view and edit spreadsheets, draw, list tasks, and reminders, save notes, and record and edit audio files. How to Use Microphone Technology to Improve User Performance

The function to be considered in this article is very important for video bloggers who are currently at the peak of popularity. This feature is also popular among musicians, students, and teachers. It is a microphone.

Why do you need a microphone?

Often, the built-in microphone is not enough to get high-quality sound. To create a sound recording, you need a great sound, and therefore a good microphone. Also, this feature is very important for musicians to record a melody when it suddenly appears in their head. This is assuming that you have a properly working microphone. If you are having issues with – let’s say – your discord microphone setup, then there are thousands of articles online that can help.

Let’s speak frankly, most top smartphones are unlikely to be able to create powerful sound recordings without distortion. Most often the user is faced with the problem of muffled and hard sound.

Fortunately, there are many external microphones available to the modern user. But the bad news is that most of them are equipped with an Apple (Lightning) device socket, so Android users will be disappointed. However, smartphones based on Android 5 and higher are compatible with any USB microphone with the ability to connect via a USB OTG cable.

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With all this in mind, let’s check microphones that will help improve user performance.

Rode smartLav+

This device is well known among video bloggers. Rode smartLav+ can be attached to clothes, usually in the chest area, while hiding its cable. Obviously, there are some limitations, for example, the speaker cannot be removed too far from the smartphone.

In any case, a lavalier microphone is an excellent choice that combines modest size, ease of use, and sound quality.

Mighty Mic

A louder and more sensitive microphone that does not take up much space. Migthy Mic is a great option if you want to record video with sound, which is noticeably better than the result obtained by the built-in microphone of any smartphone. There is a headphone jack for monitoring purposes.

Shure MV88

A device with fast connection capability. The microphone is framed in a metal case, which gives it solidity. Everything is made in order to best satisfy the consumer. Speech, singing, acoustic instruments will sound great. The microphone is designed for serious use. For example, it can record the powerful sounds of a rock concert and try to turn them into clear recordings. But the price, of course, affects it. Has a plug for iPhone. For Android smartphones, you will need to use an adapter with Lightning.

Zoom iQ6

This module consists of two X/Y stereo microphones, with the ability to connect to a Lightning port. Suitable for recording concerts, interviews, personal files. Using Zoom iQ 6, you can host a podcast right on the go. The result is a beautiful, powerful sound. There is a removable divider that allows you to use it with different kinds of cases for different Apple products.

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Blue Microphones Mikey

This reliable and beautiful device is capable of handling both powerful and muted sounds. Mikey Microphone can handle sound volumes up to 130 dB. For your understanding, the sound volume at a rock concert is 120 dB. So the user will feel very comfortable when recording with this unit. The microphone is equipped with a micro-USB port, which allows it to be used not only in the iPhone.

Line 6 Sonic Port VX

This is a multi-purpose six-band audio interface. Linear stereo output lets you record keyboards, dramas, and more. Equipped with three built-in condenser microphones. This device can be called “all in one” because it is suitable for recording music on a PC at home. It can also be connected to a guitar and used with many guitar amps for IOS. The microphone comes with its own stand in case you want to use it for podcasts or video blogs.

Purchasing a good microphone is a serious investment. If you do not want to feel uncomfortable while recording, give preference to quality hardware.