Key Differences between Recreational and Medical Marijuana

recreational marijuanas vs medical marijuanas


The differences between recreational and medical marijuana vary, but they have some similarities as well. The comparison between the two is able to teach you more about the differences and why they are different.

When thinking about purchasing medical marijuana at a dispensary, then you may have thought about what the difference was between recreational and medical. There have been some provinces that have already legalized marijuana, and right now is a great time to learn more about it.

What is Medical Weed?

Weed or marijuana may be seen as being legal for medical usage in most of the provinces, but under certain laws, it still is seen as being illegal. This is what is confusing. Medical marijuana will not cure what you have, but there is evidence that it is a great medicine for certain conditions. Although there is not a lot of research because it is very restricted, that has not stopped areas in Canada from approving the use of PTSD, Alzheimer’s and even migraines.

There is not any type of province-based program for medical marijuana, and not all areas will require purity testing. Marijuana, unlike alcohol that has the proof standard which will let you know that beer is much weaker than whiskey, there is not a rating system for marijuana because it will affect everyone differently.

It has been shown that medical marijuana is able to ease the pain that is often found in cancer patients and it ease some symptoms in people who have psychosis and schizophrenia while easing anxiety too. Incontinence, inflamed skin, and even venereal disease has been treated using hemp-based on information from Canadian medical journals.

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Common diseases that are often treated with medical marijuana:

· Multiple sclerosis

· Glaucoma

· Epilepsy

· Chronic pain

· Cancer

· Asthma

· Arthritis

· Alzheimer’s


Medical marijuana can also be used to treat mental health disorders which include:

· Anxiety

· Depression


However, there may be risks and side effects. The usage of marijuana can cause cardiac problems, panic attacks and may lead to accident-related injuries while under the influence. There will be more research that is required, but there are some studies that show that cannabis could help to deal with opioid usage.

Marijuana is a Schedule I drug, and it cannot be prescribed to a patient. A physician has to certify a condition that you have has been approved for marijuana usage in accordance with your province. This allows you to obtain an ID card for medical marijuana, so that you may purchase it at a dispensary. However, many doctors do not want to recommend this treatment to their patients.

Another thing is that unlike prescriptions, your insurance is not going to cover medical marijuana, so you have to pay for it out of pocket. There are also man financial institutions that will not process any debit or credit card transactions at a marijuana dispensary, so you will need to have cash on hand. You must know about 5 Gadgets That Make Growing Marijuana Easy.

What is Recreational Weed?

The main goal of recreational marijuana is to create a relaxing feeling while being smoked. Recreational marijuana contains large doses of THC, which can cause side effects like euphoria, relaxation, and distortions in space and time perception. There are some cases where it can be used to cure stress which may then change it from recreational to medical marijuana.

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It has been noticed that there is a difference between recreational and medical weed. Recreational marijuana will create a psychoactive effect while medical marijuana just provides a more mellow feeling. Recreational marijuana is also rooted within human history and has global supports, along with some that state it is the glory of God.

Differences Between Recreational and Medical Weed:

· You must be 21 to purchase recreational marijuana at a dispensary.

· You must be 18 to purchase medical marijuana at a dispensary.

· You do not need a recommendation for recreational weed.

· You will need a recommendation for medical weed.

· You can purchase recreational marijuana at a dispensary, as long as it is legal in your province.

· You can purchase medical marijuana from regulated dispensaries.

· Recreational marijuana will have high THC content.

· Medical marijuana will have high CBD content.

This is what you needed to know about the differences between recreational and medical marijuana. If you would like to know more, ask one of our experts below.