3 Main Differences Between Bongs and Bubblers – Find One at an Online Smoke Shop!

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If you’re shopping around for a smoking accessory, you’ve probably come across bongs and bubblers. These two terms can be confusing, even for experienced smokers, as both accessories are essentially water pipes. 

By definition, a bong is a water-based filtration and cooling tool used to smoke cannabis but may also be used for tobacco and other herbal substances. A bubbler, like a bong, is also used for smoking pot and uses water to filter and cool the smoke. 

As you can see, bongs and bubblers work the same way. However, a couple of key differences can help you distinguish one from the other when looking for a smoking accessory in an online smoke shop like The Freeze Pipe.

Here are three major differences: 

  1. Bongs are Typically Bigger Than Bubblers

Perhaps the most notable difference between a bong and a bubbler is the size. 

Bongs are larger, sturdier, and more intricate. Almost every bong has a chamber (to hold the water), bowl, downstem, uptake, percolators, and mouthpiece. Of course, some designs are more complex than others. Bongs are great for home use, owing to their size and weight. 

On the other hand, a bubbler is much smaller than bongs (but larger than dry pipes). They come in all shapes and styles and typically include a mouthpiece, straight/ bent stem, fixed/ removable bowl, and percolators. 

Because of the size, bubblers hold less water than bongs. The smaller size makes bubblers easy to carry than bongs, and therefore, more convenient for mobile smokers. 

  1. Bongs Give Stronger Hits Than Bubblers 

A bong will deliver a stronger high than a bubbler, and with good reason. Since a bong is much larger, there’s more space between the bowl and the mouthpiece. That space allows for more smoke to accumulate in the chamber. Therefore, you can take a deeper hit. 

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Bubblers have a smaller neck, which means that you take in a lot less smoke with every puff. A bubbler typically delivers low to moderate hits. 

For this reason, bubblers are ideal for beginner and intermediate smokers. Bongs, on the other hand, are good for seasoned smokers. Since bongs also smoke longer, they are great for group smokers. 

  1. Bongs Are More Expensive and Fragile Than Bubblers 

When it comes to the cost, bongs are more costly than bubblers. Bongs are more intricate in design, which is why they are on the opposite end of the price spectrum. They are also a lot more fragile than bubblers, and as such, require more careful handling.

Bubblers are smaller and simpler, and therefore quite cheap. They are also less likely to break on impact than bongs. However, most come in a fixed design which makes them harder to clean than bongs, which are easier to detach. 

Bong or Bubbler? Get Your Preferred Device in an Online Smoke Shop 

In summary, all bubblers are a kind of bong but bongs are not bubblers. Both accessories are great for pot smoking and have their advantages. It all depends on where you intend to smoke, the kind of hit you’re looking for, and your budget