5 Gadgets That Make Growing Marijuana Easy

Marijuana or cannabis have been a discussion of the controversy. With the recent studies and researches that have been conducted, it can be fairly said that the medical dosage of this plant extract does have the potential to be an effective factor for the betterment of one’s health. The recent bout of positive connotation regarding this has ensured to kick it off from being a taboo. But, even though some countries do provide with legalized permission to grow marijuana, the steps are not that easy enough to follow through. A  weed growing kit is definitely a handy option and in here, we will guide you through some of the best gadgets that make this process even easier.

5 Gadgets That Make Growing Marijuana Easy

Grobo Smart Garden

The Grobo Smart Garden is everything it claims. If you have been looking for ways to grow indoor plants, this is the answer to you all your queries. All you need to do is plant the seeds and then enter what you are growing in the application that comes with it and you are sorted through and through. The application does suggest with multiple cultivation recipes based on what kind of environment and surroundings you have around in your home. It has automatic watering, humidity control and LED functions.


LEAF is yet another one of the benefits system that helps you grow marijuana easy. It comes with precise and accurate temperature control, automatic nutrient dosing and water hookup too for ensuring a thriving plant. You can control the gadget with the application that comes along as a mode of support and is available on both iOS and Android.

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MediCab Micro Hydro

The Micro-hydro is a typical grow box that sports a mix of both LED as well as CFL lighting. The concise size of the box along with the amazing design is what makes it stand out of the crowd. It also comes with a commercial grade carbon filter which helps in getting rid of the smell and odour from escaping through.

Smartbee control system

Yet another one of the amazing gadgets for growing marijuana is the Smartbee control system. It aids in helping you control the temperature and the environment of your greenhouse for seamless growth and development. It comes with a customizable system to help control the temperature, lighting and the CO2 levels as well.

7 Sensors grow box

Last but not the least on the list is the 7Sensors grow box which has quite literally gained popularity because of the results it brings along. It is a three-in-one with the sunlight emulator, irrigation system and the climate controller. This is often considered the best option for growing marijuana, especially for the kind of results you get in the end. It comes with its customed LED and heater for maintaining the temperature settings too.

With the growing importance of marijuana, more and more people are starting to grow it on their own instead of relying on the market. These 5 gadgets can most definitely come a lot in handy if you are a novice and just starting out with this.