Customize Your 4×4 Off-Road Vehicle with Just Jeeps

off-road driving

Off-roading is one of the best activities for adventure lovers. Though it is great fun for travelling through unpaved roads, cross country or different continents, your vehicle should be fully prepared. Just Jeeps help you to customize your off-road vehicles for a thrilling and safe experience of traveling. Just Jeeps offer a wide variety of off-road 4×4 tmr customs for your rock crawler, Jeep, Ultra4, Ford, Chevy, buggy, rock bouncer, Dodge and Toyota trucks. Just Jeeps have steering, cage, suspension and other essential parts for your off-road vehicle to make your experience perfect for you.

At JustJeep, we offer accessories that will complete your vehicle for a nice and clean finish. Our Canadian-based company offers worldwide shipping. Our capabilities of in-house manufacturing CNC are our uniqueness. Our products are known for stability, functionality and safety. Our quality service and cooperative staff will make you choose us, above all.

Our off-road 4×4 parts include:

  • Roll cage customization, i.e. chassis fabricator and builder parts.
  • Kits and tools of DIY steering.
  • Building and upgrading accessories like hinge liner removal tools for Jeeps.
  • DIY’ER 3 & 4 link suspension kits.

Our off-road fabrication and suspension parts will fit all models of jeeps and can be customized to fit various models of Ultra4, rock bouncers, off-road buggies, rock crawlers, Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota trucks. Also, on every purchase of $350 or more, get a chance of free shipping within Canada. Start your off-road experience for extreme options fabrication by browsing our wide selection of 4×4 custom fabrication parts for all projects.

Customization of your Vehicle:

If you want to build your customizations on a vehicle, Jeeps are the best choice. You can have a new look and feel for your factory-equipped jeep every day just by using soft top/ hardtop options and different configurations, i.e. endless, from removing the front panels of a hardtop to unzipping the rear window of a soft-top – or going completely ‘topless’ and folding down the windshield.

Now if you want to customize your Vehicle such that no one can blow its door off. Is there any vehicle that no one can blow off your doors?

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The answer to this question is so simple and interesting that how can you blow the doors off something which doesn’t even have doors.

So, here is a question that why we have to remove the doors of the jeep?

Because removing your jeep doors:

  • Will give your jeep a new look.
  • Aids visibility and you can plot your path more easily.
  • It is somewhat fuel economical in a way that each door weighs 50lbs, trimming off excess weight can help you on trial.

Also, when it comes to off-roading, it could be a safer way as if you come under fire or such circumstance, you’ll be able to ditch out immediately.

So, is there any vehicle whose doors can be removed?

As jeeps are easier to customize, you can remove the doors of the jeep.

Customization of Jeep:

Jeeps are easier to customize than other vehicles as we don’t know others by their full toolkit. So, if we talk about removing doors of the jeep, this process would be easier and less damaging if proper attention and time are paid and by keeping in mind the problems that may arise. When it comes to your safety then you have to be very careful and your driving should be very defensive.

Follow these steps from Wrangler JK and JKU models, to remove the doors of the jeep without damaging the doors and body of the jeep.

Before starting the door removal process:

First of all, set-up all things before starting: When the doors of your jeep are removed off, you may get rushed up because you haven’t set any place to store and protect them. So, for storing them safely, you’ll have to place such that they don’t touch each other, for avoiding scratches on their surface.

  • If you want to store them on a floor: You’ll need a piece of wood, cardboard or fabric to store them on.
  • If you want to stand them against the wall, then you have to put some blanket or cardboard between them so that they don’t knock over. But if, you want to store doors for a longer period: It’s better to buy or build hangers for them.
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For avoiding any damage and for a safer experience, fold in the mirrors of your jeep.

Start removal Process:

Start your process of taking off doors by removing the lock nuts from the Bottom of the Door Hinges.

  • Use the toolkit that came with your jeep or starts with 13mm Torx bit and ratchet, to loosen the nuts from the bottom of the upper and the lower hinges of the door,
  • Remove nuts,
  • Store them in your toolbox.

Doors will still stay at their place because bolts are attached to them.

Disconnect Wire Connector and Safety Strap:

  • At first, disconnect the wire connector.
  • Safety Strap controls the opening of the door to a limited level, to remove this rubber strap, close the doors of the jeep so that it could be flexible. The strap is connected to the inside of jeep by a Hook, Slip it off the hook.
  • Now the door can swing completely open, keep your hand on the door to avoid damaging the door and front fender.
  • For the back door; there is an inspection cover at the base of front doors, and you’ll have to remove this cover.
  • Detaching the Door:
  • As doors are now disconnected from the jeep, you can detach them easily by lifting them off.
  • The front door weighs 50 lbs. If you cannot handle this weight alone, get help from someone else.
  • Open the door such that it is perpendicular to the side of the vehicle.
  • Then lift it such that the hinges on the door are completely detached from the hinges of the jeep.
  • Place the door on the spot you set up and place card-boards between them if you are stacking them on each other or if there is any chance of touching surfaces.

So now you are having a new look at your jeep. You can customize your jeep with many market and after-market toolkits available at. But if the doors are slump or hard, Just Jeeps can help you with Delrin Door Hinge Bushings/Liners.