Is Oscar’s grind a good strategy for Roulette?

Oscar’s grind

Oscar’s Grind is one of the more popular betting strategies that has been used in different casino games for some time. The technique is based on a simple progression and targets a single-unit profit after every session, which explains why it is seen as one of the safest systems of betting in existence. This betting strategy is excellent for all gamblers as it keeps all the possible losses to a minimum, even for bettors who have no experience in applying a single betting system.

There are more than a dozen betting systems out there, and all of them claim to bring guaranteed winnings to those who pay to use them. So, how exactly is Oscar’s Grind strategy different from all the others? And is it a good strategy for roulette? You are about to find out, but first of all, who is Oscar, and what does “grind” mean here?

Who is Oscar, and what does “grind” mean here? 

This betting system was first discussed in a 1965 book titled the Casino Gambler’s Guide by math guru Allan N. Wilson. According to some gamblers, this book is one of the best and most comprehensive ones about significant casino games like craps, roulette, and blackjack. Oscar was one of the gamblers interviewed by Wilson, and Oscar used this system of betting to “grind” out small winnings daily. Oscar’s tactic was simple – all he did was keep his wagers low and end each session immediately he turned a profit of precisely one betting unit.

Is Oscar’s grind a good strategy for roulette?

The Oscar’s grind strategy is excellent with even-money bets in roulette – even/odd, high/low, and black/red. The system goes by other names like the Hoyle’s Press and sometimes referred to as the Pluscoup progression by German and French players, and it means a winning progression. More accurately, Oscar’s Grind Strategy is a positive betting progression that increases the size of a bet only after a win. On the other hand, the bet remains the same after a losing round.

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As you can already tell, The Oscar’s Grind betting strategy is a flatter and safer type of the Reverse Martingale and is also like the Reverse D’Alembert. The differences between the other betting systems and Oscar’s grind is what makes it so popular among risk-averse gamblers. Before we can explore the details and rules of this method, we need to specify the size of a basic bet, which is the wager we begin the progression with. The basic bet can be $5, $10, $15, or even higher, depending on the player’s table limit and entire bankroll. Whatever the amount of money is, we will call it one unit.

To start playing with Oscar’s grind strategy, players have to place a 1-unit bet on one of the even-money bets and maintain their wager on that field till they reach the end of the betting session. Bettors have to continue gambling with the same wager until they finally win, at which point they have to increase their bet by one 1 unit. This means that whenever the ball ends up on a winning number, the bet goes up by 1 unit. However, there is a single exception; the size of the bet must not go past four units so that the system can stay relatively safe. 

Whenever the ball lands on a losing number, bettors have to keep the size of the bet the same and keep wagering that same amount till they eventually win. Once the 1-unit profit goal is reached, a new session begins all over.