3 ways to promote and monetize your blog

3 ways to promote and monetize your blog

As a blogger, you desire to get your words read by people. The words that you compose deliver a message that you want the audience to understand and feel. There are a ton of questions revolving around your mind as you start to set up a blog, including setting up a blog, driving a significant number of traffic to your blog and many other strategies to make your blog successful and promote it ahead. Once you have set up your blog and a good number of traffic is driven towards it, you are ready to monetize your blog and make a revenue out of it.

As you become a pro, you want your blog to be promoted. For a successful blog, you must focus on the niche that you choose. Let your words scream out in the world so that people may read and relate to them.Joker Jacket has been using the following successful ways to promote their blogs about Michael Jackson Costume and earn fame among their audience. We are about to mention 3 ways which will lead you to the path where you can monetize your blog and promote your blog.

01.                Affiliate Marketing

Monetizing your blog through affiliate links is the first method to start with. Affiliate marketing can never fail to promote your blog and is the easiest to start with.

To begin with, what affiliate marketing is – well, it is to promote other people’s brand or products through your blogs for a commission, as every time they make a sale via your recommendation. It can be labeled as performance-based marketing. You will be mentioning links to the brand’s products and services in your blog and will earn a good amount when your ready clicks on the link and purchases the good.

The amount of commission that you can earn through affiliating a brand can range from 5% to 75%. It depends on the product and what kind of buyer you have. When you tend to monetize your blog, ensure to focus on the following points while joining an affiliate program:

  • Always promote products that are related to your niche.
  • Always promote the products that you recommend after use.
  • Always mention a disclaimer on your site, to let the users know.
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How can affiliate marketing benefit you?

Affiliate marketing can be a tremendous source of income and the best way to promote your blog, depending on:

  • The size of the traffic your site has.
  • How receptive your users ar
  • How effectually you promote your products.

You can join Amazon Associates, ClickBank, or Rakuten to get started with affiliate marketing.

02.                Advertisements

Advertisements are one of the most effective and popular ways to promote and monetize your blog. You will make an earning by displaying ads on your site. Many bloggers startup their blogs with the sole purpose of ads – Google AdSense is considered to be one of the most popular and significant ad networks that you can sign up to and start displaying ads on your blog to make a revenue.

The following ways can be adapted to start earning by using Google AdSense:

  • Impression based: If you have 1,000-page views, then you will be earning a set of the dollar amount.
  • Clicks based: No matter how much views you have, you will get a cut on the ad avenue whenever a visitor clicks on the ad that is displayed on your blog. The amount that you may avail can vary from $0.01 to a couple of dollars.

How much can you earn with Google AdSense?

Promoting your blog and monetizing it with Google AdSense makes sure that you make a good cut of earning out of an advertisement. The money you make through Google AdSense is directly proportional to the traffic you have on your blog. The number of viewers that you have on your site and the clicks that the visitors make on the ad displayed on your blog will decide the revenue you make. But only consider running ads on your blog, if you have more than 1000 visitors every day. Because if the traffic is lower than the figure mentioned, then ads will only be a distraction for you.

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03.                Online courses or Services

One of the most profitable ways of monetizing a blog with even a smaller number of visitors is to create an exclusive learning opportunity by offering online courses or services to your visitors. Understand your customers and find out what they seek, and then come up with an online course which could benefit your visitors. Whatever your blog is about, start an online course linked to it. Excel in what you have started. Whether it be a blog about cooking or gaming. Create online courses right away and start making money.

Other than offering courses, you can provide your visitors with services to avail. As a blogger, you can offer your visitors a service of writing content for other blogs as well. You can indulge in speaking engagement with people or even opt for private coaching. Be productive and opt to deliver services such as catering, wedding planning, or a lot more. Make the purchasing process easier for your customers, and define your packages in a clear and ambiguous free manner, so that your customers might not get irritated. Focus on your niche, and according to it offer services that your audience is looking for. It is one of the most effective ways to monetize your blog.

The ways mentioned above sum up the complete guide of monetizing your blog. Just focus on your niche and work deliberately on your goal to promote your blog and engage a good number of traffic to your blog. Struggle to achieve your goal and make a good earning by adapting these ways and monetizing your blog. Effort and hard work are the only secrets that could lead you to be a successful blogger with a handsome earning.