Five Technologies Changing the World of Automobiles

Technologies Changing the World

You probably have already picked up on how rapidly technology is evolving these days, but it still sometimes can be difficult to contextualize. We don’t always see the advances that are taking place around us. Since most of the improvements are often intangible, experiencing the future will feel quicker than it actually comes. In this blog, you will learn about Five Technologies Changing the World of Automobiles.

However, one area that you can really see and feel the changing world of technology is the automobile industry. Cars are becoming something unrecognizable when the first motor vehicles on the roads. They are changing the way we experience the world, get around, and give us a narrow view into what’s to come. Five Technologies Changing the World of Automobiles-


Automation could be the part of the car industry that represents the evolution of technology more than any other. By definition, automation is when machines can operate themselves with little to no human assistance. This technology will forever change the way we drive, go places, and think of transportation in general. 

Tesla was one of the first companies to use automation in their cars, but they won’t be the last. Using automation technologies with GPS and image capture is making self-driving cars a reality. As their computers learn more, the safer and more efficient road transportation will become.

Electric & Hybrid Energy

The way we power our motor vehicles is significantly changing. No longer are traditional petrol and diesel automobiles tenable. Fossil fuel use is damaging our environment by pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that warms the planet and leads to harsher climates and more extreme weather conditions.

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Electric and plug in hybrid vehicle options are an alternative to this. They are both better for the planet and easier on your wallet. While hybrid and electric cars are the current option, other sources of fuel will soon become more affordable. You’ve probably noticed that some public transportation systems use hydrogen. Right now hydrogen is an expensive form of energy for the public, but it will get cheaper as the market demands it.

Car Size

With more variety in our automobiles comes differences in size. There are more options when it comes to the size and efficiency of cars, and two-seater luxury cars and efficient town cars both offer low-fuel costs and sleek design. There are also larger vehicles, like the design for Tesla’s Cyber Truck. With new technology and the accessibility of automobiles worldwide, the variety is expanding. Vehicles of all kinds are changing how we think about what cars are. 

GPS Navigation

Satellite GPS has already changed the way that we get around and navigate our streets. It continues to get better. Combined with image-capture technology and automation, GPS navigation improves its route accuracy and traffic updates. 

Technology companies compete for the best GPS and the competition has pushed the ability to more effectively navigate further. You might think that GPS is already as good as it gets, but as time goes on we will use the technology to create more efficient roads, better routes, and safer, more convenient trips.

360 Camera Systems/Driver Assist

Believe it or not, high-end camera systems are greatly improving the technology of automobiles. They don’t just provide a video image when you are backing up, they can know where the other cars are on the road. Tesla uses this 360-degree camera tech for its cars, making the automation, self-driving, and cruise control options more advanced than any other car out there. 

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Furthermore, emerging driver-assist technology that uses cameras helps you change lanes, checks the blind spot, and alerts you when you are drifting out of your lane can help keep the roadways safer. All of these technologies are used in tandem to make our vehicles safer.

It’s an exciting time for cars. They are safer, more advanced, and changing the way we transport ourselves and drive on the roads. The technology involved in car advancements are improvements that will change our entire world. There is a lesson to be learned from these advances—technology will synergize more and more to make our societies less dangerous and less wasteful. 

The future isn’t here yet, but you can gain some insight by paying attention to how technology is being used in the automobile industry. Now, zoom out, and see how these individual advancements will enhance the whole world and everyone in it. 

Ryan Beitler is a writer and journalist who has covered tech for many publications.