How to Play Live Dealer Games at Non GamStop Casinos?

With the live casino you can bring the excitement and thrills of the traditional casino hall to your own living room. Our contemporary technology has ensured that the live casino has increased in popularity in recent years. There are several leading providers on the market today, vying for your presence at their tables. On this page we will help you find the live casino that suits you best.

Among other things, we will tell you about the advantages of the live casino at non GamStop casinos, the different games you will encounter, how to choose a live casino and how you can finally start playing there. Are you looking for the best live casino, then read on!

What Are the Available Live Casino Games at Non GamStop Casinos?

Before you start playing at the live casino, it is important that you know which game best suits your needs. It can sometimes be difficult to choose with today’s huge selection of games.

Each non GamStop casino also has its own character, plus its own range of live casino games. For example, one gambling site mainly focuses on offering classic table games, such as roulette and blackjack, while others focus more on game shows, such as crazy time and live monopoly.

What Is the Live Casino?

Before you start playing, it is good to know what the live casino is and how it works. We are happy to explain this to you. Below you can read exactly what it means and what you can expect.

In the live casino you play against real dealers in studios that are specifically designed for this. Via a razor-sharp video connection you get to see a gaming table, with a human dealer attached to it.

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Thanks to the live casino you can have the same experience at home as in the land-based casino.

An advantage of the live casino is that you can play 24/7, when it suits you best. This is not possible in many land based casinos.

For those less familiar with the live casino, it might be good to start by going over the basics.

The live casino is a fully online casino experience, in which players can play popular games such as poker, blackjack and roulette.

Instead of playing computer controlled table games, the games are run by real dealers, with real wheels and real cards.

The idea behind this is that as a player you get the feeling that you are at the table yourself, while enjoying the same excitement and sensation as a traditional casino.

In addition, some players find it more reliable than computer games at non GamStop casinos, although the winning percentages are almost identical in both the live casino and the virtual casino.

How Does the Live Casino Work?

Live casinos offer a relatively new form of online gambling that most closely mimics playing in a land-based casino.

The transactions that you see on the screen are converted into data by the dealers and processed in software. The outcome is then calculated for you, so that a result appears on the screen and potential payouts can take place.

This gives you as a player the opportunity to participate in these casino games, without noticing a difference between the online and physical playing environment.

RTP & House Edge of the Live Games at Non GamStop Casinos

The Return to Player (RTP), or the house edge, are terms that make it clear what percentage advantage an online casino has on a casino game.

For experienced players this is a familiar concept, but for novice players it may sound a bit confusing at first.

Example: “A game has an RTP of 96%, which means the house edge is 4%. This means that 96% of all bets come back to players and 4% is profit for the casino. The games are designed in such a way that the house (casino) always wins.”

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Popular Live Games at Non GamStop Casinos

In the live casino you will find many different types of games. Moreover, you can play multiple variants of each live casino game.

This way you can always gamble in a way that you want. We have listed the games that are very popular in the live casino below for you with a short explanation.

Live Roulette

Roulette is an immensely popular live casino game and continues to be one of the most played games at many non GamStop casinos.

After all, it is much more exciting to watch a live dealer spin a real wheel than to watch a computerized table powered by a cartoon roulette wheel.

Players also feel that the live casino is more controllable and radiates more reliability. In addition, watching live roulette tables is a lot more exciting.

You can play European, American and French roulette at most live casinos not on GamStop while interacting with fellow players and the dealer.

Live Blackjack


Live blackjack is extremely popular in the non GamStop casinos and in land-based casinos around the world as well.

Players have enjoyed the ease of play, the strategies you can use and the low house edge for years.

With the arrival of live blackjack you have the opportunity to bring the magic of the physical casino to your own living room.

The best live non GamStop casinos now offer a range of Blackjack games including Blackjack Party, Infinite Blackjack, Quantum Blackjack and Lightning Blackjack

Choosing a Live Casino: What You Should Look for?

It is important to know where your wishes lie before you start playing at a live casino not on GamStop. We are happy to help you with that. 

Below we would like to take you through which aspects you should pay attention to when looking for the best live casinos:

  • Safety and reliability
  • Live Casino game selection
  • Bonus offer
  • Betting Limits
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer service


Now that we’ve looked at some of the best live games providers, the most popular live casino games and the best providers on the market, what’s left to do?

Nothing, of course – except to start playing at some excellent live casinos not on GamStop!