Is the Lottery Business As Profitable in Vietnam As People Think?


Is the average income of the lottery business high? Currently, there are many people involved in selling lottery tickets and this is also considered a profession to make a living. With this job, you do not need to invest a lot of capital but still, have an attractive income. Is that true? Scroll down to learn more.

Huge profits?

There are 2 ways to sell lottery tickets in Vietnam. The first is to sit in the seat with a lottery table in front of you and wait for current customers to come in to buy the lottery. The second way is to sell lottery tickets with piles of lottery tickets in hand and sell them in restaurants, drinking water, coffee or roaming around the corners and roads.

Many children are taken advantage of to sell lottery tickets

Years ago, with 100 lottery tickets, if you sell out, you will earn between VND 100,000 – 120,000. If there are many members of the family selling lottery tickets, the income level is not small. You can also make money by playing online games.

The job of selling lottery tickets is a job that is easy to earn simply because it does not distinguish age, labor or rely on hard work. But the participants in the lottery were mostly elderly and handicapped, simply these people aroused kindness from customers.


Lottery agents are spread through many agent levels, ranging from level 1 to level 3. Depending on each lottery company, the discount varies from 13 to 15%. Every day, agents sell 800 – 1,000 sheets (including direct purchase by customers), with a turnover of 900,000 – 1,300,000 VND. Not to mention the cost of space, staff, compensation for uninsured tickets, the remaining amount is just enough to afford daily life.

The electronic lottery tickets have much higher revenue. After 1 month, the revenue can be up to 40 billion from such computer ticket counters. Calculated with 400 ticket counters, the average revenue per counter reaches 100 million/ month.

With a commission rate of 3.5% – 5%, many bar owners can only pay the salaries of the sellers from 3.5 to 5 million VND/ month. Each month, the cost of a common counter is about 10 million VND, a separate counter is 30 million VND. Thus, the monthly revenue of individual counters must reach at least 600 million, general counters must reach 200 million to not lose money.

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The dark side of the lottery business

There are also agents or contractors who adopt children to let them sell lottery tickets, making a profit. They even used acts of beating or cursing, not feeding the poor children. They think that, in order to do this job, the seller must be as young as possible.

They forced the children to dress as ragged, the more fatter the better. Behind every step of the children were the watchful eyes of those who claimed to be “foster fathers and mothers”. They are observing the children selling lottery tickets and carrying intimidation.

Children who are a bit older can sell up to 300 tickets a day. Try to do a simple math problem and know that the income is nearly 11 million VND/ month. Those earnings are “transferred” to the people behind the kids.

Winning the jackpot has brought wealth?

Sometimes people think that winning a lottery or inheriting a fortune from a distant relative will help them solve financial difficulties. You can totally imagine these things, or try your luck with lottery tickets, but don’t be too focused on making money that way. It’s just a superficial way of thinking and doesn’t bring anything good to your life for the long term. Anyway, winning the lottery rarely brings positive changes to the life of the winner.

In fact, within two years, after being lucky to win the lottery, most of these people often return empty-handed, even having more financial difficulties than before. Having money in such ways often does not solve anything. Simply because that doesn’t change your perception.

If you change your perceptions and thoughts to accept the real opportunities that life offers, you will get things that you think only win the lottery you get. And moreover, you can hold those things in your hands because you created them.

In addition, lack of honesty can prevent you from thinking that you are a rich person. Always, you will get back what you gave away. If you take anything from life, then life will also get you back of the same thing. Maybe you feel like you haven’t stolen anyone, but what about the paper clips, the stamps you brought home from the office?

Or have you ever stole someone’s work time, stolen someone’s respect or relationship? Life will remember everything you do, and your actions seem to say to life: “I do not deserve the good things from this life. So I have to steal what I want!”

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For those who suddenly become billionaires, their lives also change quickly. They play the right way of the billionaire and spend money without spending a minute at all. The arrogance with money and then back to the starting point.

In addition, the downside of the story is that the budget adds a few billion from the lucky game business, but it has to pay a large social price.

According to a study, 40% of the total revenue of the French lottery comes from lottery addicts. In Switzerland, the Forum Geneve said the lottery earned 1.6 billion francs a year but estimated to spend 600 million francs to subsidize people who are addicted to lottery and betting so not quite good.

In Italy, there is a study that 47% of those who make money do not live, 56% of low-income people and 47% of teenagers aged 15-19 play the lottery regularly. Italy’s parliament estimates that the budget would cost 7 billion euros a year for medical expenses related to gambling addiction.

According to the report, some areas of Italy have banned lottery sales or placed coin-operated slot machines less than 500 meters away from schools and the Italian government is also aiming to halve the number of lottery sales. The goal is to balance the gains and losses of society from games of chance.

According to Dr. Tran Huu Hiep, lottery, whether viewed from the perspective of an industry or a social phenomenon, shows both good and bad sides, cannot be abused or strictly prohibited. But when there are too many sellers and lottery players from urban to rural western Vietnam, it has a great impact on people’s livelihoods and lives. At that time, lottery tickets were no longer simply a game of chance.

The undeniable lottery is a super-profitable business, attractive to investors and an important source of local revenue. The government can use the majority of lottery revenues to reinvest in health, education and other welfare projects.

If thinking about buying lottery tickets for good luck is very fragile and adventurous. Parents eager to buy lottery tickets accidentally practice for lazy, lucky children. Children are like white papers, so they see their parents copying it. If you work 200,000-300,000 VND a day, this money is definitely in your pocket. But if you buy a lottery ticket, luckily it will be given to you

All In All

The above is an analysis of the current lottery sales. If you have any ideas, please let us know. Play, but know where to stop. Thanks for reading.