How to Create a Positive and Inclusive Work Culture as an HR

Anyone who works in an office or any other institution will tell you the importance of ensuring a positive workplace environment. 

After all, the workplace extends much beyond projects and salaries. When the entire workspace has satisfied superiors and employees, productivity automatically increases. 

Unfortunately, a study has shown that only 33% of American and Canadian employees actually feel engaged at work. 

If you also wish to make sure that your office is a healthy space for everyone, then here are some useful tips and tricks!

  1. Establish clear values

The first thing that any HR personnel needs to do is establish a set of clear ground rules and regulations throughout the office. 

Next, it’s up to you to communicate this ethos to everyone working across all hierarchies. 


If anyone has trouble understanding any point, you should hold meetings or a discussion session to clear their doubts. 

For example, if you’re planning to make the office more environmentally friendly, simply stating “Going Green” won’t make any difference. 

You have to explain to everyone what steps you’re planning to take and how you can make the office more sustainable. Make sure that every employee feels responsible and attached to the main objectives.

  1. Promote inclusivity

One of the toughest things about jobs in HR is to promote diversity and inclusivity. Even if there are set rules about this particular area of the workplace, employees are often unwilling to follow them. 

Consider collaborating with DEI consulting firms to implement comprehensive strategies that not only prioritize diverse hiring but also foster a culture of inclusivity within the workplace.

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But as someone from the HR department, you must set strict rules and make an example by following them. 

Hire people from all relevant backgrounds, irrespective of their color, race, gender, or other similar traits. You must use modern recruiting tools, including a GovCon applicant tracking system to find the best talented new faces.  

Moreover, you can also hold diversity programs or functions where every employee speaks about how their upbringing has created a positive influence.

  1. Set rewards for employees

Most surveys and studies have shown that companies that actively reward their employees in some way or the other report a much healthier workplace environment. 

If the HR department motivates employees to work harder to contribute positively to the company, everyone will feel a sense of responsibility toward making the organization more successful. 

You can have a transparent policy for progression and explain the incentive system to well-performing workers. 

Even if you spot a few people who aren’t able to harness their entire potential, teach them how to be better, and make the office encouraging and open to make the competition healthy.

  1. Allow lightheartedness

Work can be stressful for a lot of people, but if you know how to make a difficult situation seem less tough, it’s an invaluable skill. 

Your ultimate goal should be to find a solution to the problem, but a hidden goal within this is to brainstorm and find out how you can boost employees’ morale. 

Even though it isn’t always possible to create a fun environment, it helps to at least take some steps. 

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For example, if your team has accomplished a particularly difficult task, allow them to take a day off or leave the workplace early. 

Find out the bright side to a complication and see how enthusiastically your employees work.

  1. Encourage an open space

Just as allowing fun and relaxation is important, it’s equally important to set a clear no-tolerance policy. 

And that can only be implemented if you let everyone in the office know that they can come to you to sort out their complaints or grievances. 

This will give a positive impression that every employee’s voice is heard and that they’re protected. 

A crucial fact about a positive work culture is the openness with which employees can speak up and express their thoughts. 

If you’re the head of the HR department in the office, see to it that there’s someone available during shifts who will note down problems and try to provide concrete solutions.


These are some of the most important points to keep in mind if you want to make your workplace healthy and thriving. 

Remember, your employees will be happy only as long as you provide them with the right kind of environment. So, don’t think anymore and start implementing these policies!