MSPY Vs TheWiSpy – Head-to-Head Comparison

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mSpy and TheWiSpy are both powerful spying software. It is challenging to choose the best one from. Some users love mSpy for its unique and advanced features, and on the other hand, some love TheWiSpy for various reasons. If we talk about mSpy vs TheWiSpy comparison, there are some huge differences between these top cell phone tracking software.

Let’s discuss both apps in detail. 

MSPY Vs TheWiSpy – A Detailed Overview

Technology covers our whole life. We can not deny that technology makes our life so easy, especially the cell phone and the Internet. But you can not neglect the dark side of the cell phone, the growth of virtual scams, cyberbullying and exposure of adult content to underage people. 

A mobile phone monitoring app is very helpful to detect the unforeseen dangers that may harm our loved ones. Here, using too much of the screen is not the issue. But, the threats associated with the mobile devices are major concerns of parents, spouses, and even business owners.

In this article, we will be presenting an unbiased comparison of the world’s most powerful mobile surveillance apps. We tested mSpy and TheWiSpy to help audiences get a clear picture of what they are actually gonna buy.

Let’s get started.

Device Compatibility 

The first thing first; you must check if the monitoring app you purchase is compatible with all phones. Only some apps like mSpy and TheWiSpy support all Android phones. Most cell phone tracking software has a limited approach, you must root or jailbreak the device before using the advanced features. Compatibility is a major point because if you can not control the target device, why waste money on some expensive unworthy spy app? 

TheWiSpy Compatibility:

It is compatible with all android phones. You only have to ensure the target device is updated on 4 OS or a higher version; for smooth installation, use a fast internet connection. The pro point of TheWiSpy android tracking app is you don’t have to root any device to access all its features; only install and enjoy.

mSpy Compatibility:
It also supports all the latest android phones but remember above 4+ OS is needed, and advanced features work only after rooting an android phone. It works on iOS too, but you have to jailbreak the iPhone and ensure it should be 7-9.1 iOS version.

Child monitoring

Features Differences 

mSpy and TheWiSpy both provide us with the most advanced mobile phone monitoring app features in the market, but let’s see which one is best for you. 

TheWiSpy Latest Unique Features:

Call Recording: The latest call recording feature of TheWiSpy records all outgoing or incoming phone calls of the target device. You don’t always have to stay up; it will store all their calls in the dashboard. It also provides access to the address phone book; you will get a notification whenever they save any new number. For extra detail, TheWiSpy also shares the call duration and timestamps. 

Spy Camera: Record videos or captures photos from the target device camera in hidden mode. You can view their live surroundings and make 360 videos remotely from your home. You not only capture the videos, in addition TheWiSpy share their gallery photos, and you can download those photos on your phone. It will help you tell what is happening around your loved one’s phone. 

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Social Media: It is one thing which everyone likes. Your spouse, children, and employees are scrolling on different platforms. TheWiSpy shares all their social media information with you about what type of content they love to watch, read messages, watch saved multimedia and monitor all suspicious activities on their account. The plus point of TheWiSpy is that it sends you a notification about depression, anxiety and cyberbullying.

Real-Time Location Tracker: it is not an easy task for anyone to track the location of anyone remotely. You can not monitor the live location of your children and employees without any cell phone tracking software. TheWiSpy provides the real-time location of the phone and allows the user to make a virtual fence around the target device. Geofencing is the modern technique of 2023, many spy apps only talk about it but no one is providing it except TheWiSpy.   

Screen Control: Sometimes only the watching is not perfect; you want to control the screen. TheWiSpy provides this feature to automatically lock the screen and block unwanted calls or messages on the target device. You can limit the screen time for the children by only scheduling the lock. No fight for the phone in kids; control the screen time from your phone for every kid.  

Surround Recording: If you want to feel like Agent 007, then just turn ON TheWiSpy microphone controlling feature and listen to all conversations happening around the phone. I know it gives goosebumps, but think about your children who text you they are in a friend’s house, and then you listen to the phone mic; they are at a party or having drugs. Record or listen to surrounding voices of the target device secretly with the help of TheWiSpy. 

mSpy Advanced Features:

Recording Calls: Same as TheWiSpy android tracking app, you get the call recording feature in mSpy. It gives you a complete overview of the receiver, who it is or the duration of calls. Phone calls are the most straightforward way to connect with anyone, which is why most spy apps offer call Recording. 

Website History: Different adult websites on the Internet are easy to access for children. Your children can be the most time-consuming adult content. Early age access to pornography is not good for their mental health. You can watch their website history by only logging into your account. TheWiSpy offers the same feature, but mSpy can block websites, but you have to root or jailbreak the device. 

App Tracking: there are not only social media platforms where texting is available. Now the Internet is full of many online chatting apps. Like WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Discord, twitch and many more. mSpy helps you to manage all these platforms from one dashboard. mSpy does not provide the screen time of that particular app. TheWiSpy track activities and time which give it an upper hand. 

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Email Monitoring: Emails are most common use in businesses but can be used for illegal activities. Many companies lose billions of profit, only falling in email scams. mSpy helps you track all emails your employee sends or receives. So you can notice if they are not betraying and leaking the company’s private data. mSpy also saves the deleted emails so as not to take tension about emails they deleted; these all will be stored back on your dashboard. 

Text Message Monitoring: mSpy captures all text messages and provides details such as the message’s content, the sender’s name or number, and the message’s time and date. This feature allows users to read all incoming and outgoing text messages on the target device, including those sent on instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat. 

Price Comparison 


mSpy offers two main packages with different features and prices. Here are the prices of the mSpy packages:

Basic: The package includes basic monitoring features such as call and text message monitoring, GPS location tracking, and browser history tracking. The prices for the basic package are as follows:

  • 1 month: $29.99/month
  • 3 months: $19.99/month
  • 12 months: $8.33/month

Premium: The premium package includes advanced monitoring features such as social media and instant messaging app tracking, email monitoring, and keylogger. The prices for the premium package are as follows:

  • 1 month: $69.99/month
  • 3 months: $39.99/month
  • 12 months: $16.66/month


The app offers three packages, each with different features and pricing options. Here are the prices of TheWiSpy packages:

Basic Package: The package includes monitoring features such as call logs, text messages, contacts, and GPS location tracking. The prices for the basic package are as follows:

  • $15.99 For 1 Month  
  • $25.99 For 3 Months  
  • $35.99 For 6 Months  

Premium Package: The premium includes advanced monitoring features such as Record Video, Audio, Device, and Record Calls Monitor Gallery. The prices for the premium package are as follows:

  • $25.99 For 1 Month 
  • $35.99 For 3 Months 
  • $45.99 For 6 Months 

Platinum Package: The extreme package includes all the features of the basic and premium packages along with additional features such as live screen recording and remote camera access. The prices for the platinum package are as follows:

  • $33.99 1 Month 
  • $59.99 3 Months 
  • $99.99 6 Months

The prices change according to currency rate depending on your location.

Final Words 

These both are extreme levels of spying apps however they have a few minor differences in functionality. Like one another, both applications provide various monitoring options, such as call records, text messages, social media tracking, and GPS position tracking. TheWiSpy does not provide a no-jailbreak package for iOS devices as mSpy does, but only a basic plan.

If you want pocket-friendly, the pricing is the key difference between mSpy VS TheWiSpy. While both offer similar features, TheWiSpy’s packages are generally more affordable than mSpy’s packages. For those on a tight budget, this can be a decisive factor. While choosing between two applications, users should consider the price, the user interface, and the features each gives.