How to Bypass SMS Verification on TikTok


Bypassing verification via SMS is commonplace in the case of many online services. People do this when signing up for such platforms as WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, and other websites and apps. That is a popular approach also among those who use TikTok. Some take advantage of this opportunity when it is necessary to create multiple profiles without verifying their personal mobile phone number and purchasing additional SIM cards, others just would like to create fake TikTok account in order to increase their privacy on the service. Whether it is one of mentioned or any other reason, the solution is always the same. Below we will elaborate on what exactly to do to complete the intended task.

Using a temporary phone number as a solution

Currently, there is only one tool that allows bypassing SMS verification. It works with every platform regardless of its kind. This tool is called a temporary number and was created a few years ago specifically for this purpose. However, despite this, it is a good choice not only for internet users who for some reason cannot use their own numbers for online registration.

Using online phone numbers is also a great decision when there is a need to create multiple accounts on one or another service. They allow registering literally an infinite number of profiles as it is not limited to how many online numbers one person can operate. In addition to mentioned, these numbers help to strengthen privacy on the internet. It is not necessary to provide any personal data to utilize them. So, they are not associated with their users in any way, which makes it unnecessary to worry about possible data leaks and hacks.

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What is a temporary number?

Such numbers may seem like some complicated thing. It is absolutely alright because the truth is that they are not like this.

Online phone numbers are a simple feature. Everyone can operate them without having any special knowledge or experience. The reason for this is that online numbers are similar to basic mobile phone numbers. They have the same dialing codes and a number of digits as well as operate on the same mobile network depending on their cellular carrier. The only thing that is different is the method of use.

Online numbers are utilized over the internet. There is no need for a mobile phone, which, although, can be used with them too. But overall it is unnecessary. SIM card is unnecessary as well. You only have to proceed to the appropriate platform on the web that offers the required numbers. This can be done with any device if there is an internet connection.

Simple way to bypass SMS verification on TikTok

Internet users have the opportunity to utilize online phone numbers via numerous services. However, not all of them are good or at least convenient to use. Since it is very easy to make the wrong choice, especially when going to use this feature for the first time, we would recommend using SMS-Man. With this project, you can easily buy an online phone number that works with TikTok and helps to bypass SMS verification on this platform regardless of purpose. For this, follow the steps presented below:

  1. Open the main page of the website of the company from above and complete simple registration to create your personal account.
  2. Proceed to the payment page.
  3. Choose a suitable recharge option and refill the balance with some funds.
  4. Select where the online number should come from on the main page.
  5. Scroll the same page to a section with websites and apps supported for verification and use the search feature to find TikTok.
  6. Make a purchase by clicking on “Buy SMS”.
  7. Use the received number for verification purposes on TikTok.
  8. Receive a one-time password.
  9. Bypass SMS verification using the revealed code.
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This is it. Bypassing verification via SMS on TikTok is simple as it is. There is nothing difficult about the whole process.