How to Bookmark in Firefox & Steps to Delete Bookmarks

How to Bookmark in Firefox

Do you ever find yourself on a random bizarre page which you’d love to have a look at but are unable to because you’ve got no time? Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about because these little heroes called Bookmarks do exist. Hence, you don’t have to remember various web addresses when you’ve got these Bookmarks.

What a bookmark does is save a website so that you can revisit it whenever you’d like, at your own convenience. It’s really simple and we’ll teach you how to bookmark in Firefox, how to delete bookmarks in Firefox, how to add, manage, organize, and import them from another browser.

These are the easy steps you can follow to learn how to use bookmarks in Firefox:-

How to Bookmark in Firefox?

Step 1- In the address bar, click on the star to save the bookmark. New bookmarks are saved to the Other Bookmarks folder by default.

Bookmark in Firefox

Step 2- After this, you will find a menu popping up where you can Choose a different name or a folder for this bookmark. Once this is over, select Done.

Bookmark in Firefox 2

You can also click Ctrl+D on your keyboard or Command+D on your MacBook.

How to Use Bookmarks?

After you have bookmarked a website, there are multiple ways to open the bookmark. These are some of the following.

Using the address bar: Once you begin typing something in the address bar, your bookmarks (which match the text that you have entered) will pop up along with the star icon beside it. Clicking on this pop up will open the bookmark.

How to Use Bookmarks

Using the bookmarks button: Simply clicking the bookmarks button. It will help open up all the bookmarks that you saved. Move the mouse cursor over Other Bookmarks so you can open any bookmark that has been recently saved.

Using the bookmarks button

Using the bookmarks toolbar: If you do visit certain websites regularly and want quick access to them, you can save them to the Bookmarks toolbar folder. Choose the Bookmarks button, and click view bookmarks Toolbar to switch on the toolbar.

bookmarks Toolbar

Using bookmarks folders: To avoid clutter, you can create folders when you have many bookmarks on the same topic. This would help you organize your bookmarks.

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Using bookmarks folders

How to Manage Bookmarks?

If you have been planning to regularly use bookmarks, you might require learning how exactly to organize them. Here is how:

To create a folder:

In order to add the new folders to the Bookmarks Toolbar folder, the Bookmarks Menu folder or the other Bookmarks folder.

Step 1- Click on ‘Bookmarks’ and then click on ‘Show All Bookmarks’.

Show All Bookmarks

Step 2- A new window with all your bookmarks called Library will open. Then choose your desired location for the folder. For example, we’ll help you create a folder like shown below in the Bookmarks Toolbar folder.


Step 3- Select Organize and then click the New Folder.

New Folder

Step 4- An option to enter a name for the folder will be available. Once you are finished, click on Add.

name for the folder

Step 5- Your folder has now been created.

folder created

To move a bookmark into a folder:

Step 1- From Library, drag a bookmark into the folder that you wish. For example, we will consider moving a bookmark in the Other Bookmarks folder directly to Bookmarks Toolbar folder.

To move a bookmark into a folder

Step 2- The bookmark will now be visible in your folder.

bookmark will now be visible

To move a folder:

Step 1- Click and drag on a folder to move it around.

Click and drag on a folder

Step 2- The folder will now be moved.

The folder will now be moved

Note: If you move a folder to the Bookmarks Toolbar folder, it will be placed on the Bookmarks Toolbar directly.

To delete bookmarks and folders:

When you’re done viewing your bookmarking and you no longer find it necessary to keep, you can delete it. Here’s how:

Step 1- In order to delete a bookmark, simply right-click on the bookmark and click the Delete button.

delete a bookmark in firefox

Step 2- In order to delete a folder, right click on the folder and select delete.

right click on the folder

Note: The Bookmarks Toolbar, Bookmarks menu, Other Bookmarks folders can’t be deleted.

How to delete bookmarks in Firefox?

So, you have been working on a browser for a long time now and you have found the list of your bookmarks gotten unwieldy. And hence, you are simply looking for editing it down. Well, it’s easy to delete a bookmark in Firefox window and even on multiple pages through the Bookmarks Library. Here is how:

Method 1:

Step 1- Open the browser

How to delete bookmarks in Firefox

Step 2- Select the button Bookmarks from the file bar.


Step 3- You will find a star icon in the upper right-hand corner (to the right of the search bar). A menu titled Edit your Bookmarks will appear.

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select the star icon

Step 4- You will find a box called Remove Bookmark to check whether the bookmark has been deleted you must reopen the browser and check under the Bookmarks Icon in the toolbar.

Method 2:

Step 1- Open the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Step 2- In your Toolbar, click on the Bookmarks button. You will find a dropdown menu which will give you the option to select Show All Bookmarks. This opens the library window.

Click on the Bookmarks button

Step 3- Select the folder that you want to edit after which its contents will appear in the window on the right-hand side.

Click the folder

Step 4- Choose the bookmark you wish to remove. Click on the file and keep the command key clicked while you keep the mouse over the other bookmarks you would like to delete.

Select the bookmarks you want to delete

Step 5- In the upper left-hand corner, there will be a cog option which will lead you to a dropdown menu.

organize bookmark

Step 6- Click the delete button and you’re done!

To Search for a Bookmark:

If you’re in search for a particular bookmark but you don’t remember the location where it was saved, simply search for it. Here is how:

Method: Simply type the specific search term into the search bar. The search results will show all the Bookmarks that match the search term.

Importing Bookmarks:

In order to import a bookmark, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1- Click on the Bookmarks button and then click Show All Bookmarks.

Step 2- The Library will show up in a new window. Click on the Import and Backup and then click on Import Data from another Browser.

Step 3- In a new window, the Import Wizard will appear. A set of instructions will be displayed. Follow them and select the items you want to import. For example, we have chosen Favorites to import from Internet Explorer.

Step 4- The bookmarks that you have imported will be seen in a new folder called the Bookmarks Menu folder. The Library can be used to reorganize these bookmarks if required.

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