Let’s help you in selling your home online

Let’s help you in selling your home online

Today, you can sell anything you want, online. You can also sell your house through a property consultant or through known people, but posting ads for selling your property online is the best method to dispose of your home in today’s technology-based world. In today’s techno-savvy world, people choose the online route to sell or buy. People prefer the internet because they don’t need to pay the commission as there are no middlemen involved. Posting your property for selling is very easy.

You should post your ad in all websites dealing in properties. Don’t restrict yourself to famous websites because you do not know where your potential buyer will come from. Potential buyers browse every available website to choose a house. You can also get in touch with real estate agents online who can help you in selling your house.

Top 10 Platforms

1. Zillow

Zillow is a very big real estate online platform specializing in real estate. It targets only the real estate crowd. The owners can post their ads free on this website and not many websites allow it. There are thousands of people browsing this website every day with the intention of getting a good deal. If you are personally listing the ad, you get a price calculator and it also estimates your home based on the details you provide in the website. You can also take photographs or shoot a video and post it for free.

2. Craigslist

It is the most visited website for buying and selling of properties. It does not offer anything special, but the response you get after posting on Craigslist is huge. It is very simple to post an ad here, just select the suitable heading and post your property with a good description adding it with suitable pictures of your home. If you want to sell your home, you cannot miss posting an ad in Craigslist, which has millions of people visiting its site every month.

3. Facebook

The most famous of all social media websites are also good for selling and buying real estate properties. You can post your ad either in the Facebook marketplace or in local Facebook groups. Facebook with its reach offers ample opportunity to sell your home.

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Millions of people visit Facebook daily for social media posts, and it is the best place to gain the attention of at least a thousand people daily. Your post should contain well-focused pictures with attractive captions to attract potential buyer’s attention. Your captions with photos should not be lengthy, as people do not prefer to read long sentences. You can post detailed description with photos and then link it in Facebook because real buyers who want details will visit the link and get the needed information. Facebook also helps you in getting in touch with real estate agents.

4. ForSaleByOwner

This website is useful to owners who do not wish to any pay commission to mediators. They have a free 30 -day listing option which can be converted to premium listing after the end of the free listing period. It is very easy to search for properties on this website. This website targets a particular set of audience and as they have a very huge visitor’s base, it is not advisable to post a sale ad here.

5. Realtor.com

Sellers can calculate the real worth of their property with the tools available in this property. It guides you in the entire process of selling your property. Contents in the website will be authentic as it is registered with the Association of Realtors.

6. Oodle

Listing a property is very simple on this website. You need to fill only a single form with all relevant details and submit it for listing. The entire process can be completed in a few minutes if you have written down all the details in a paper. The entire process is very well organized and you need not go through many pages before arriving at your destination. They are very well linked with other websites who deal in properties, so by listing in Oodle, you are guaranteed viewership from elsewhere.

7. Asset Column

Posting an ad on this website is very easy and the design outlay is very good. The website gives very good information by comparing the market value with the price quoted by you. It gives the difference in percentage terms, which is nice to look at. All the social media sharing buttons are available here. Along with the address of your house for sale, you can also provide the location with coordinates. Real estate agents also log in to this portal and get in touch with clients.

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8. Owners.com

It is a website for targeting people from the real estate industry. This gives an option of listing your property on MLS with an extra charge. This is one of the best-designed websites in the real estate industry and the owners are allowed to post specific details of their property. You can also post a YouTube video of your property and considering the target audience of this website it is worth a listing your property in this website.

9. FindMyRoof

This website does not draw huge customers but it is used by people who are really interested in buying and selling of properties. The website is free from any frills and a neat and clean website with all basic information about your property.

You can include YouTube videos and can link external websites thereby getting additional viewers.

10. Redfin

This is a premium website which charges 1% as a listing fee. By paying charges you will be guided in the selling process with agent service, a photo shoot of your home and a 3D video view of your property.

By paying another 1% extra charges you can avail many premium services to change the outlook of your home and make it attractive for buyers.

There are hundreds of websites which deal with real estate listings alone. There are many fake websites which after receiving the premium do not provide any services to its customers.

Do not select a wrong website and lose your money and peace of mind. Prepare a list of websites suitable to sell your home. Go through various reviews of those websites and shortlist some and post your sale Ad.