How to advertise on LinkedIn – full guide for those who haven’t tried yet

LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn as a business social network was established in 2002 by Hoffman Rid. At the moment, there are more than 100 million of unique users from the United States. This advertising network states itself as a place for business communication, business contact making, tracking life of particular companies, CV publication and work search. Companies are offered to publish their vacancies, create communities and so on.

This network is a perfect option for many companies and Adsmediabrokers is going to describe in details for you to consider it for your future campaigns.

Why companies are often quite reluctant about including LinkedIn advertising platform into their strategies?

There can be some misconceptions to blame like:

  • LinkedIn is a bit unusual social network;
  • Focus on business connection makes marketers consider it as a channel for B2B ads;
  • the audience of LinkedIn is lower than on Google or Facebook.

Let’s be honest, places like Facebook, can be easily won by any business. But LinkedIn is absolutely another story, professionals hang out here and if you sell something for entertainment, beauty or so, you’d probably find another place.

Value of LinkedIn advertising

We are inclined to think is a highly valuable channel that offers unique opportunities:

  • Almost three hundred million of users, where Americans make a third part of the audience;
  • Small amount of audience can be easily compensated by highly precise targeting options to reach the audience you are interested in.

Advantages of advertising options provided by LinkedIn

  • Greater targeting options, quite different from traditional ones. You are unlikely to impress anybody by such things as age or location. LinkedIn adds this list with position, job title, company name, skills, responsibilities etc.
  • LinkedIn profiles are more informative in comparison with Facebook as they give professional information. Facebook users generally skip this option at all.
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LinkedIn as an advertising platform allows creation of different ad types, divide them on different groups, define bids for particular campaigns and shows their efficiency based on common indicators: the amount displays, clicks and conversions.

Who can win from LinkedIn advertising implementing?

Do you need to know the job titles of your audience? As Linked offer targeting according to job ranking, you may show your ads to desirable workers only. For example, you have law courses for lawyers’ assistants to become solid professionals – there is no special deal to focus exactly on this segment.

Do you need where target audience work? This method of targeting will be useful direct approach in sales. You get an opportunity to show your message to the people who work in a company you want to work with.

Do your audience have unique skills or interests? Skill targeting will be a perfect option for all business types. For example, software vendor can apply it for some groups who have added the company’s software or the stuff from rivals into their skills list in profiles.

Should you know the job level of your audience? Such variant of targeting is quite useful as you may have understanding of salary level and how affluent a particular person can be.

If your answer was “yes” even for one of the questions from the list – LinkedIn is certainly for you.

How to run the campaign – some little secrets from experts

In fact, the process of campaign tuning is not difficult at all. We all tend to unification, however, there are some details we would like to pay your attention to.

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Create micro-campaigns

By doing so, you spend less, but get higher visibility. One big campaign will cover 100 000 of people, while you can launch a score of them with reaching 10 000 in each.
Make it a rule to make definite names for the campaigns to have immediate understanding of it (the content and the audience for targeting).

Use free ad options. One comes from LinkedIn promo codes, second one is obtained from Campaign Manager Settings (tag Network updates to send messages to your audience without paying).

Be smart with biddings. Start with little sums not to wear out your budget. Rates increasing is possible as soon as you get forward.

Move and accept challenges. Advertising here is different in comparison with other websites. One may dislike that a detailed reporting is not so popular feature here. However, LinkedIn sees that competition is growing, and they are polishing their variants to stay “in game”.