Head-Turning Fashion: Styling Tips for Larger Head Sizes

You don’t have to limit your fashion if you have a larger head. Instead, you’ll want to confidently embrace your unique features and experiment with your style. You have more options than you realize.

Want to wear head-turning fashion? Below, you’ll find plenty of tips for styling with a larger head size, so keep reading. Let’s get started.

1. Balance Your Proportions

First, you’ll want to use your fashion items to balance your proportions. Choose clothing, hats, and other accessories that don’t exaggerate your head size. For example, oversized jewelry can draw attention to your head and make it look larger.

However, an oversized hat can make your head appear smaller in comparison. So, you’ll want to experiment in front of a mirror and think about what looks the best on you.

Balancing your proportions with a big head often means wearing longer, flowier clothing lower on your body. You can wear flare pants, dresses, and skirts with great success. 

2. Wear Big Hats

As mentioned above, you can pull off big hats easily! They balance out your proportions and make excellent statement pieces. Plus, they look elegant, and you can style your hat in plenty of ways.

Big hats have an elongating effect that makes you appear taller, so your head doesn’t look as large in comparison. They also frame your face and have a bold look. Many people also say they feel more confident in big hats since the focus shifts away from their head size.

So, hats are the best place to start if you want to try something new that will turn heads. They’re a huge confidence booster, and you can decorate them for any occasion. You’ll also have fun wearing and styling them with your favorite outfits.

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3. Experiment With New Hairstyles

Your hair can have a major impact on how other people perceive the size and shape of your head. Look up your face shape online and see what haircuts professionals think suit it the best. You can find plenty of styles that complement your natural features without drawing attention to your head.

One option is to have a layered cut with plenty of volume on the sides. It creates an effect that makes you look more balanced on your head. Hair with long layers and curtain bangs can also work well to elongate your face.

If you’re wearing hats or other accessories, you can also try different hairstyles to see what looks the best with them.

4. Choose the Right Necklines

You’ll want to pick tops with lower necklines, like a V-neck or scoop. They bring the eye downwards, which is more flattering when you have a larger head. Tall necklines have the opposite effect and can make your head appear more prominent.

Off-the-shoulder, collarless, and cowl necklines can also look good if they’re low. They look elegant and make your head look more proportional overall.

5. Wear Darker Colors

Dark, rich colors can be highly fashionable and turn heads. They also look incredibly wonderful on people with larger heads because they have a slimming effect. 

Brown, gray, black, and blue are some great options. You can try monochromatic outfits or create unique styles with pops of color. However, you’ll want to make sure that you wear bright colors lower on your body to create a lower focal point, making you look more proportional. 

Many people also experiment with color blocking. That’s when you dress in different colors and stack them in different areas of your body. It creates a striking visual effect that looks wonderful on everyone and becomes a focal point.

6. Consider Patterns

You’ll want to mostly wear small, intricate patterns when you have a larger head. They can look nice without being too much. Plus, they draw the attention away from the head and make it look more balanced. 

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Large patterns can make your head appear bigger, so you want to avoid outfits that consist of 100% large patterns. You can still look great in them if you pair them with solid-colored items. It helps if the solid color comes from a part of the pattern for consistency.

You’ll want to be careful when wearing patterns on your upper body, but you don’t need to avoid them. You should experiment and see what you like the most on yourself and have fun mixing patterns.

7. Invest in Clothing That Fits

You don’t want to wear clothing that’s too baggy or tight unless you’re going for a specific look. You’ll feel more comfortable and confident when your clothes fit right and have a more balanced silhouette.

You can have your clothing tailored no matter your size, allowing you to enjoy your favorite pieces comfortably. If you like sewing, you can always learn to adjust your clothes independently. It’s a great skill because you can wear anything you want!

Many people buy clothing that doesn’t fit them and say they’ll wear it someday. However, investing in clothes that fit you right now is always better to get the most out of them.

If you want head-turning fashion, you must get the proper fit.

8. Develop Your Style

The more you develop your unique style, the more heads you’ll turn. Other people can tell when you’re loving what you’re wearing. 

There are plenty of styles to choose from, so you should learn about them. Some include minimalist, bohemian, and streetwear. Many websites are dedicated to these styles, so find your love and have fun researching.

Every fashion style looks great with every head size, so don’t worry about that. Instead, focus on having fun with your clothing.

Embrace Your Features

When you embrace your unique features, you’re sure to turn heads. You don’t need to feel like you need to hide your larger head to look great and be a fashionista. There are many different options, so have fun experimenting with your style.

In short, you can try big hats to capture attention. These accessories make the perfect statement piece in any outfit.