Will you get a blessing from the gods with a game from the Age of the Gods franchise?

Age of the Gods franchise

As online gaming rose through the ranks on the internet, certain games seemed to do better than others. One of these that really made the gaming market their own was Playtech’s Age of the Gods! The gods now have over 15 games to boast of, spanning across all aspects of casino games. Here we are talking about the Gods from Age of the Gods franchise.

If you want to find out more about where you can get your mythological fix, then keep reading!

Age of the Gods Roulette

Gameplay starts at 0.10 credits, with the chance to bet as high as 1,000 credits, if you’re feeling lucky enough. Once your first bet has been placed, the game will flourish, with four progressive jackpots up for grabs, worth an impressive £100,000!

Much like any other game of online Roulette, or otherwise, you will place your first bet of 0.10 credits, or above, and then make your bet on a single number or combination that you wager will appear on the Roulette wheel at the end of the next spin.  The single number bets will always be the most lucrative, with payouts available of up to 35x your wager, if your number comes up.

You can also place a minimum one credit outside bet, which includes columns and red/black outcomes. Once you’re happy with your decisions, you can then hit spin and watch the action unfold. If your outside bet comes in then you will have your stake returned. 

The Age of the Gods Bonus betting round is another great feature of the game that’s worth looking out for. With this, you’ll be transported over to a three-reel slot mini game, where the symbols will start spinning once you have placed you required amount. Between 5x and 100x your original stake will now be up for grabs – a mean addition to a hopefully already bulging bankroll!

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Age of the Gods: God of Storms Slot

Another tantalizing offer from the keen developers at Playtech, the Age of the Gods: God of Storms slot is just as engaging as the rest of the series, but of course with its own unique twists. You can throw your hat in the ring for the progressive jackpot with just 0.01 credits – it’s as simple as that!

As the storm rages on, you can of course increase your betting limits from the minimum recommendations, from a range of over ten denominations, with the maximum limit being 20 credits per line. 

The wilds in this game truly make it stand out from the rest. Instead of just one wild icon, this legendary slot actually has two! One comes in the form of a slab of stone, with the word “wild” etched into it, and can be used to substitute for all other symbols on the reels, generating even more winning combinations. The second wild takes the form of a long ship, which can be stacked to cover the entire reels, also triggering the start of the Wild Wind Re-spins round. Any time this symbol appears, you will also be gifted a free spin. Fancy that! But that’s not all, if the God of Storms appears at the side of the reels, he will blow the ship to the left, increasing the multipliers and causing the reels to re-spin.